Thanksgiving talk around Washington D.C. with respect to Lebanon
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Thursday, 22 November 2007

CRNews Editor Eblan Farris
CRNews Editor Eblan Farris

The terror triad is propagating dis information around the Globe this morning with respect to Lebanon’s upcoming election. The goal is one – to manipulate the majority in Lebanon into a compromise. Something that is unprecedented in Democracies around the globe. 

The Lebanese must see clearly at this time. Follow the constitution, elect a President and stop listening to false information on what the West wants and doesn’t want. The March 14 camp enjoys popular support amongst the Lebanese, but the populous wants their elected leaders to lead, and not to succumb to terror triads intimidations anymore.

Elect a President that represents the majority As Soon As Possible and the International Community will recognize this President.

On the big front:

As Dr. Walid Phares, a Senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, has written in his numerous books, articles and interviews, Iran is pursuing an extremist jihadi war against the west in its quest to recreate the Persian Empire. From the big picture we see their gains in the past couple of years – teaming up with Moqtada Al Sadr in S. Iraq, Syria’s Assad, Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza. Strategically they loosely span now from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Persian Capitol.

Editorials now in Iran are firing up the ante and stating that Arab land is really Persian – so the fight has just begun. The end result will be a Persian Empire, with little or no rights for women, peoples of other faiths, minorities, controlling 60% of Worlds Oil output, with a Nuclear weapon.

This is the big picture.

On the smaller front in Lebanon:

The Lebanese don’t seem to get it that Lebanon to Iran is just one of many pieces of the Persian Empire Puzzle, and the Lebanese to Iran are just a tool that will be used to achieve this ultimate objective.

It is that simple. This is the fight of the day.

Rule of Democracy

Let’s go back to basics. In a democracy a political party represents the will of the populous. When two camps go to the poll the one that wins represents the majority of the populous and thus Leads on to implement the agenda that they ran on and the majority of the populous voted for. The minority party tries to determine what points on their agenda prevented popular participation and amends and reforms its platform to gain more votes in upcoming elections.

This is the model Lebanon should follow.

This means that when the majority of the populous votes you in – then Lead. Don’t Follow.

Lessons Learned

During this transition period in Lebanon, the Lebanese Leaders need to be acutely aware of Lessons Learned. One must not repeat mistakes that have been made.

In no Democracy in the world does the majority win and give veto power parliament control to the minority. This lesson must be used as baseline example to the new Lebanese Government.

A Compromise Government – as envisioned by the minority – which gives large percent to the minority – will only exaggerate and continue the dead lock in Lebanon. It will give this illogical strategy legitimacy and set an unprecedented precedence in Lebanese politics that Lebanon will not be able to recover from.

We saw this last spring and summer what compromise did with another Iranian/Syrian Client – Hamas. In the spring of 2007 Hamas and Fatah met in Saudi Arabia and concluded a compromise plan to govern. Months later in the summer Hamas was taking Fatah officials into the street and shooting them in a violent coup detat in the Gaza. This is what the triad’s plan is in Lebanon – to replicate this.

Lebanese officials need to be acutely aware of the big picture. The only way out is to lead by electing what the majority populous voted you in power for, implement the Lessons learned and the International Community will stand right behind you.

Anything else will leave the International community perplexed.

Eblan Farris
Editor, CRNews
Spokesman Cedars Revolution
Washington D.C.

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