Toni Nissi: Open Letter To President's George W. Bush & Nicholas Sarkozy
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Tuesday, 06 November 2007

ILC1559's Toni Nissi
ILC1559's Toni Nissi

The Lebanese presidential election, covered by UNSCR 1559, is one of the most important battles which will be fought between the International Community and terrorism.  It is the only mean in Lebanon to defeat both terrorism and foreign occupation. 

Beirut , November 5,2007

Open Letter to
Georges W. Bush , President of The United States of America
Nicolas Sarkozi, President of The French Republic

Dear Sirs,
Your excellencies,

You meet on the 6th of November and the status of the Cedars Revolution  is once more on your Agenda as well as the Lebanese Presidential Election. You are confirming again and again your unlimited continuous support to the Lebanese people in its revolution on the occupation and to the decision of the Lebanese people to stand by the free world in its war on terrorism.

The Lebanese people, with its different cultural, religious and sects fabric, realize your important/effective role in pushing forward its cedars revolution starting by the issuing of Syrian accountability Act, through  to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559 and the rest of the international decisions for the sake of Lebanon.

It acknowledges your role in kicking out the Syrian Army from Lebanon after 1.5 million of the Lebanese people took down to the street on the 14th of March demanding the withdrawal of these troops and condemning  the Syrian occupation and the practice of the Syrian allies and agents in Lebanon. This was the corner stone of the Cedars revolution on which many Lebanese have built their hopes.

They are now relying on the decisions stemming out from your upcoming meeting to give the Cedars Revolution a new push and enable this revolution to reach its goals. These very same goals are now under an Iranian-Syrian ferocious attack through a new tutelage imposed on Lebanon by the weapon power of Lebanon’s Taliban i.e. Hizbullah the terror and its allies.

Presidents and fathers of the UNSCR 1559, as named by the Lebanese Press lately, we call on to you ,as we know how deep is your knowledge of the Lebanese situation and how closely you are following the folding events not to mention your insistence on helping the Cedars revolution, we call on you to take into consideration, on your next meeting the following issues: 

1- In Lebanon today there is no opposition or governing party. What our country is living now is a real revolution against the remnant tutelage of Syria and Iran in Lebanon. This tutelage is materializing itself under the dominance of Hizbollah’s arsenal on the political decisions in Lebanon.

2- The slogan of Lebanon is living a political apartheid and that the Lebanese should sit with each other and dialogue is a wrong approach to the issue

because by doing this you are  giving a legality to hizbollah the terrorist and it is asking the cedars revolution people to settle with the evil forces of terrorism.

3- It is a crime to consider Hizbullah as a representative of the Shiite sect in Lebanon. It is a crime against the Lebanese people who have been living for the last twenty years under the governance and mercy of this weaponry on its decisions and all of this was and is still happening with Syrian ,Iranian and part of the Lebanese government ‘s blessing. Hizbullah is not but a mercenary  legion in the Pasdaran Iranian Revolution Army with its well defined and known goals.

4- The opposition party or what is known as the 8th of March are none but a cocktail of hizbollah, Syrian traditional agents, Syrian new followers who facilitated its occupation of Lebanon and who have put lots of free Lebanese for the last thirty years in Syrian jails. The right place for all these people in the after event of the Cedars revolution is in jail and not among the leaders of the country with whom settlement should be done.

5- The Cedars Revolution is living now a disturbed equilibrium in terms of fighting terrorism. The capacity of the terrorist organizations  in Lebanon adopted by Syria and Iran are  more powerful than the Lebanese legal forces altogether. They are occupying more than 50 % of Lebanese territory under the pretext of security areas. Some of these area are occupied by Palestinians and the Lebanese forces are not allowed to go into these camps. These terrorist organizations have the best and state of the art  weapons, lots of ammunitions, have unlimited means, submerged with money, they also have open borders with Syria as well as military training camps. They are also ruling over all the state decisions.

6- The Lebanese leaders, who found themselves free to make decisions  for the first time since thirty years, and who took on their shoulders the completion of the  cedars revolution goals have failed due to their lack of experience and did the following mistakes/ mishaps:

a. They formed a Lebanese government and gave terrorists, like hizbollah and their Syrian allies, seats in the ministries a fact which lead later to the withdrawal of these ministers and the halting of the governmental work flow when important decisions were supposed to have been made.

b. A parliament with a majority and a minority, legally elected according to the Ghazi Kanaan law. The minority was elected though under the hizbollah weapon dominance in its security square zones and areas of influence.

c. A house speaker who is hizbollah’s most loyal partner and who is known to brag about having condolences sessions for the United Nations Security Resolutions a fact which lead to the complete paralyses of all the governmental institutions especially the parliament during times where important decisive actions  must be taken such as the presidential elections.

Your excellencies,

The Lebanese presidential election, covered by UNSCR 1559, is one of the most important battles which will be fought between the International Community and terrorism.  It is the only mean in Lebanon to defeat both terrorism and foreign occupation.
Any failure in doing so will mean  burying the cedars revolution in its crib and will turn Lebanon into a fertile land exporting terrorism to the world.

Therefore, in light of the Lebanese government weakness reflected in the complete paralyses of all its institutions be it military, political and social, and in light of its incapability of standing against the huge power of terrorism  in the persons of the Syrian and Iranian agents, the majority elected in parliament will resort to either one of these three choices:  

1- Settlement with Hizbollah, Syria, Iran and the rest of the evil axis by electing a president which will partition Lebanon into two areas: one under the Syrian ruling and the other under the dominance of the Iranian Mercenary Revolution Army (Hizbollah).

2- No settlement with Hizbollah, hence a presidential vacuum and the power will be given to the current government presided by Fouad Siniora and then it is not  known what will Hizbollah and its allies do or what orders will they get from their masters.

3- Election of a president from the Cedars Revolution who will implement the UNSCR 1559 and who will achieve the Cedars Revolution goals.

Since everybody knows that the third choice is the only choice which will allow Lebanon to continue its mission and which will put Lebanon on the right track, none of the current deputies in the majority will take the third choice unless he or she feels that they are backed up and protected by the United Nations. A weak Lebanese government which is incapable of standing up to those who, directly or indirectly, are threatening its very existence and which has not asked the international Community to help it protect its people, its land and its deputies cannot be expected to ask the protection of its presidential election.


Dear friends of Lebanon,

Your interference on behalf of Lebanon to protect Lebanon and its presidential election is much needed.  The achievement of both the Cedars Revolution goals and the presidential election is a shared responsibility between the International Community and Lebanon because it is a part of the war between the Cedars revolution and the terrorism and it is part of  the international war waging between the free world and terrorism. Terrorism is fighting all international resolution regarding Lebanon.

May the header of your agenda be to place Lebanon and the Lebanese presidential election under Chapter Seven of The United Nations. Let the meeting decisions be to awaken the world politically, financially and military to help the Lebanese people in achieving the Cedars Revolution and let it be as a salvation to Lebanon so it does not slip into the terror axis and becomes the most important terrorism exporter in the world.

Toni Nissi,

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