Expect more assassinations - ex-military spy chief
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Monday, 29 October 2007

Former head of Lebanese military intelligence, Johnny Abdo
Former head of Lebanese military intelligence, Johnny Abdo

The former head of Lebanese military intelligence, Johnny Abdo, said in remarks published on Sunday that he did not expect the presidential election to be held before the constitutional deadline of November 24. "The Syrian regime's position is instability in Lebanon and a presidential vacuum," Abdo was quoted as saying in local newspapers. Abdo also said he expected the assassinations against anti-Syrian political figures to continue. Dozens of MPs from the anti-Syrian March 14 ruling majority have taken refuge in the Phoenicia InterContinental Hotel for security reasons. He said car bombings, the most frequent killing method, would be replaced by shootings or mass assassinations targeting two or three politicians at a time. Abdo, who is also a presidential candidate but not taken seriously, advised Hizbullah "to revise its policies to avoid the mistakes of the Palestinian resistance group Hamas." He also said there should be a clear distinction between diplomacy and action. "There are a lot of moves but no real efforts," he said. Abdo also criticized French envoy Jean-Claude Cousseran's visit to Syria on Sunday, when Cousseran met with President Bashar Assad and other top officials for talks that focused on the Lebanese crisis. "I don't understand why Mr. Cousseran has to visit Syria," he said, "as if the Syria position is still ambiguous."  - The Daily Star

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Monday, October 29, 2007





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