General Aoun has to denounce his agreement with Hezbollah
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Thursday, 25 October 2007

CR Sec Gen Tom Harb
CR Sec Gen Tom Harb

Tom Harb on "latest tactical dances"

25th of October 2007
Washington, CR News,
Commenting on General Michel Aoun's statements on NBN TV station, the Secretary General for the International Lebanese Committee for UNSC 1559 Tom Harb said "former Prime Minister Michel Aoun must first denounce his agreement with Hezbollah to be able to move back under the umbrella of the Cedars Revolution. Anything below that, is just tactical dances going no where."
Harb said many claims made by the General on NBN need to be responded to. For example he said that no one paid the price he and Hezbollah paid for the sovereignty of Lebanon." Harb responded that "while the Lebanese people certainly value the sacrifices of the Lebanese soldiers and officers who died or were wounded in the battles against the Syrian occupation army, it doesn't consider an agreement with Hezbollah as a logical step in the same direction. For Hezbollah and the Syrian occupation have had and continue to have a joint war room.  

Harb said Aoun claimed the United States was against him and that it was meddling in the way the Lebanese ought to elect their President. General Aoun perhaps doesn't understand what drives Washington in Lebanon and worldwide, it is the war on terror. America will not support any President, elected with two thirds or with 50% plus one if he or she has an agreement with an organization on the US Terror list. And if the Parliament elects a President committed to 1559 and the campaign against terror, he or she will be supported regardless of the constitutional process.
Harb added that the General said he has the support of the people. "But that support was given based on a program that was negated by the General. So Michel Aoun after the agreement with Hezbollah doesn't have a mandate from the voters. Harb added responding to Aoun that any non democratic action against a President elected by simple majority will be considered as a coup, not the other way around. 

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