Jumblat Accuses Hizbullah, Syria of Assassinations
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Monday, 22 October 2007

Walid Jumblatt
Walid Jumblatt

Democratic Gathering leader Walid Jumblat reiterated accusations against Damascus and Hizbullah, saying they were behind the recent assassinations of Lebanon's anti-Syrian MPs.

"I believe it's Syria and it's Hizbullah ally," said Jumblat in response to a question by CNN television network of who was responsible for the spate of political assassinations in Lebanon.

Jumblat said he believes the assassinations of MP Antoine Ghanem on Sept. 19 was, like previous political killings, aimed at preventing Lebanon's parliament from convening to elect a president "freely, a president who respects the law and international resolutions."

He said that until now the pro-government March 14 camp remains the ruling majority.

However, Jumblat, said that if "they were able to kill four more (MPs from March 14) then we will not remain the majority." 
Beirut, 22 Oct 07, 11:42



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