Special Correspondent on Lebanon’s Presidential Election (updated)
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Thursday, 04 October 2007

Jeffrey Imm
Jeffrey Imm

"Karim," the CTB Special Correspondent in Lebanon, who authored four posts for us in the past two years, provides the following regarding Lebanon's presidential election

Special Correspondent on Lebanon’s Presidential Election (updated)
By Jeffrey Imm

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"Karim," the CTB Special Correspondent in Lebanon, who authored four posts for us in the past two years, provides the following regarding Lebanon's presidential election:

There are two camps: with the Terrorists or against them

Washington DC, October 2, 2007

Well-informed sources close to the teams working on the Lebanese file within the Administration and in Congress told us today that the Lebanese legislators are the only ones who have been mandated by their voters to elect a new President of the Republic in Lebanon. Thus, said the sources, who reflect both Republicans and Democrats, whoever a majority in the assembly would vote for will be the next President of Lebanon. But it is important that the members of the Parliament, especially those representing the aspirations of the Cedars Revolution which we and other allies have backed since day one, understand the equation. If they cut deals with the pro-Iranian and pro-Syrian forces in Lebanon they will have to assume those deals by themselves. The sources, who have been informed about discussions that took place inside the March 14 coalition this week in Beirut, said some candidates and politicians are talking about a deal with Iran and Syria that would open the door for a so-called mild candidate who would protect the weapons of Hezbollah in return for insuring a peaceful election of a new President.

The sources, which have been following up on Lebanon's file since 2003 added that they have been informed about a so called proposal by Iran’s leadership to politicians in Lebanon ion virtue of which Tehran and Damascus would stop the violence campaign, allow an acceptable President (by them) to be elected and conclude a truce; in return the new cabinet formed after the election would stop calling for the implementation of UNSCR 1559 and the disarming of the militias, particularly Hezbollah. The sources said if this is what these politicians want, they need to understand that they will not be backed by the international community or by the United States. They will face Syria and Iran alone and will have to explain it to their constituents. Besides, added the sources, a deal with the Syrian and Iranian regimes means calling off the International Tribunal. If the victims want to cut deals with the assassins, they can do it, but they cannot count on the world to help them bring the assassins to justice. Hence, they will throw themselves and their country in the hands of those who waged a relentless Terror campaign against them since 2005.

The sources said it is hard to believe that the democratic majority in the Lebanese Parliament would throw itself into such a trap. For surrendering to the other camp for such superficial offers by Tehran’s regime shows immaturity. The Lebanese public has shown tremendous vigor and commitment during the Cedars Revolution, it would be a suicide to collapse politically while the US, Europe, the UN and many Arab countries are supporting the current Government and the current majority in Parliament. If those politicians who want to cut such deals cross that line, they wouldn't be able to count on anyone anymore. They will be alone, surrounded by the Syrian and Iranian killing machines.

The sources said these messages will be soon transmitted to whoever has to hear them.

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October 3, 2007

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