25th Memorial Mass in Remembrance of President Bashir Gemayel w/Video
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Friday, 14 September 2007

Solange Gemayel Speech
Solange Gemayel Speech

Followers of Lebanon's slain President-Elect Bashir Gemayel on Friday commemorated his killing 25 years ago in a bomb attack claimed by a pro-Syrian assassin and which two days later led to a massacre of hundreds of Palestinian civilians.  

Young supporters of the right-wing Phalange party, to which he belonged, gathered for a planned procession in Sassine Square in Beirut's Christian Ashrafiyeh district, where a mass was to be celebrated later on Friday. 



 For the first time in the years that supporters and family members have marked the anniversary, a stamp bearing the image of Gemayel has been printed.
It is one of a series of stamps dedicated to remembering Lebanese Christian or Muslim leaders who have died in the nation's bloodshed or are unaccounted for.
Each year, sympathizers gather at the Phalange Party Headquarters in Ashrafiyeh where the killing took place on September 14, 1982.
This year, photographs marking the 25th anniversary have been put up around the district, particularly in Sassine Square, the location of a monument erected to the memory of the man who was head of the Lebanese Forces Christian militia during the first half of the civil war.


Video - Mass held Friday - September 14, 2007


Speech by Solange Gemayel

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