New 911 Bin Laden Video Calls For More Jihadists, Testament of 9/11 Hijacker
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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden

A new message from Osama Bin Laden has been received, in which he praises the 19 9/11 Jihadists and calls for additional Muslims to become Jihadists.








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Reuters reports that a "U.S. intelligence official said the voice appeared genuinely to be that of bin Laden."

Laura Mansfield reports that the video is entitled "The Wills of the Heroes of the Raids on New York and Washington. The Will of the Martyr (as we see him) Abu Mus'ab al Shehri With a forward by Sheikh Osama bin Laden, may Allah protect him". Laura Mansfield's web site provides a excerpt of the video.

SITE Institute reports that the video/audio message is 47 minutes, and opens with a still image of Osama Bin Laden from the September 7, 2007 video "The Solution". SITE reports that Bin Laden introduces Waleed al-Shehri, describing his motivations for being among those who "penetrated the most extreme degrees of danger" of the "19 champions".

In the new video, AP reports that Osama Bin Laden praised al-Shehri, saying he "recognized the truth" that Arab rulers were "vassals" of the West and had "abandoned the balance of (Islamic) revelation."

AP also reports that the Bin Laden audio message states:

"It is true that this young man was little in years, but the faith in his heart was big. So there is a huge difference between the path of the kings, presidents and hypocritical Ulama (Islamic scholars) and the path of these noble young men," like al-Shehri, bin Laden said. "The formers' lot is to spoil and enjoy themselves whereas the latters' lot is to destroy themselves for Allah's Word to be Supreme. It remains for us to do our part. So I tell every young man among the youth of Islam: It is your duty to join the caravan (of martyrs) until the sufficiency is complete and the march to aid the High and Omnipotent continues."


Reuters reports that the video includes the "will" of the 9/11 Jihadist Waleed al-Shehri: "Hijacker al-Shehri was shown wearing white robes in the video by the network's production arm as-Sahab, which superimposed him on a backdrop featuring a model airplane and an image of New York's burning Twin Towers. In his testament, he quoted part of the Muslim holy book, the Koran, which he believes commands Muslims to fight infidels."

AP reports that the video shows 9/11 Jihadist Waleed al-Shehri, addressing the camera and warning the U.S.: "We shall come at you from your front and back, your right and left."

Reuters also reports al-Sheri as stating: "The difference between us and you -- O cowards -- is that you fear death and are frightened by it, whereas we hope for it and seek it in God's path."

SITE Institute also reports that on the video: "Shehri speaks on the condition of Islam during his time, arguing it one of depravity and able to bring one to tears 'in view of the weakness, humiliation, scorn and enslavement it is suffering because it neglected the obligations of Allah and His orders, and permitted His forbidden things and abandoned Jihad in Allah’s path.' Legitimacy of jihad and suicide bombings in particular for the Cause of Allah are at the focus of his will, Shehri describing the American presence in Saudi Arabia as among the 'chief causes' of Islam’s misfortune and the jihad against them as the 'most obligatory of obligations'. To America, Shehri speaks of its being in Saudi Arabia: 'you shall expelled from it, humiliated and subdued and dragging behind you the tails of defeat and remains of those killed. And how could we desire anything other than your killing, when our lord ordered us thus'."


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