Bush to announce Ban on Entry to USA Enemies of Democracy in Lebanon
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Monday, 25 June 2007
President George W. Bush
Daily Star staff
Monday, June 25, 2007

BEIRUT: US President George W. Bush was expected to announce "within a few days" a ban on entry to the United States affecting anyone guilty of inciting political discord in Lebanon, local An-Nahar newspaper on Sunday. 
According to the daily, the decision targets "second-rank politicians as well as political activists and members of their families" who "have contributed in distorting civil peace in Lebanon."

"Bush will base his declaration on authorities endowed to him by the US Constitution, in addition to the law on immigration and naturalization, which will give the legal framework for those politicians to be forbidden entry to the US," well-informed US sources told An-Nahar.

"We will soon have a position against a number of Lebanese as well as non-Lebanese people working on jeopardizing Lebanon's sovereignty and security," the sources said.

The sources described a willingness on the part of the US administration to "stand by" the Lebanese government, the parliamentary majority, "and the Lebanese most importantly," in the face of "terrorists attacking the Lebanese Army, and criminals assassinating lawmakers."

The sources said Bush and his advisers see the declaration as a "tangible and practical step" toward helping the Lebanese government to overcome escalating security burdens. "The declaration is a means by which any person attempting to harm Lebanese stability can be sanctioned and forbidden from benefiting from US resources and economy," the sources added.

The US previously targeted Syrian political figures, including head of Syrian Intelligence Assaf Chawkat and former Syrian Intelligence chief in Lebanon Rustom Ghazali, with similar sanctions. - The Daily Star

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