Elaph publishes a brief from a closed meeting with Arab ambassadors
Written by Mideast Newswire - December 18, 2017   
Sunday, 18 December 2016


After CNN posted a report on a closed meeting in Washington where Dr Walid Phares -as an expert- projected the main developments in the Middle East in 2017 to the Arab ambassadors and diplomats at the office of the Arab League, other Arab sites replicated  the same report. CNN reporting attempted to focus on the "projected Trump-Russia cooperation in the region" but failed to accurately report from 'unnamed sources.' CNN relied fully on unknown sources, making another mistake regarding the Palestinian-Israeli assessment, prompting leftwing Israeli daily Haaretz to post a misrepresentative piece as well. The original faulty and rushed CNN report led to a series of limping re-postings.


Arab liberal Elaph published a more elaborate report focusing on the actual assessments covering Syria, Iraq, Libya, Arab Gulf, Iran, ISIS, Kurds-Turkey, Israel-Palestinians, as well as the question of Islamophobia. The liberal Arab publication replicated the gist of the assessments as they were offered. According to Elaph, the remarks were offered to the general meeting of the 22 Arab ambassadors and diplomats at the Arab League mission in Washington DC. Below is the Elaph Arabic report. An English version may be posted later