Why the Iran regime is going after Trump, to the end..
Written by Walid Phares   
Sunday, 29 May 2016


We've been asked many times why is it that pro Iranian media worldwide and in the US are going full fledge in their attacks against Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump using their growing funding in Petrodollars released from the deal. We were asked why is it that the radicals in the US, who are supporters of te Iran deal have extended their utmost support to Trump's opponents particularly Senator Sanders and Secreta...ry Clinton. It is his opposition to the so-called deal cut between the Obama Administration and the Ayatollahs' regime. The candidate's son Eric Trump, confirmed this fact to a New York station today. "He decided to run at the end because of that bad deal" said Trump junior.


This also explains why the pro-Iran regime media, bloggers such as Mother Jones, Salon, The Daily Beast, as well as pro Iran deal journalists in the New York Times, Washington Post and even the Economist, launched smear campaigns against me, as soon as announced as one of Donald Trump's advisors in March. The Iran regime and its long arms within the West and the United States are lashing out at Donald Trump and his advisors, to protect the gains they made under the Obama Administration and that they intend on maintaining under Clinton or Sanders. Clear...

By Walid Phares

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