Once again, PM Siniora fails again to understand US politics and blunders
Written by amctrump   
Saturday, 16 April 2016


Former PM ‪‬ Fouad Siniora stated that Republican members of congress told him that Mrs Clinton will be the next President of the USA . Obviously that is a false statement because Republican lawmakers never said such a thing in public and it is unlikely that they shared such a position with a former PM of Lebanon. Siniora may have been briefed by lobbyists who told him that Republicans will support Clinton in the elections. But it could also be a his own wishful thinking as he further stated that Clinton would be “a very good President to help Lebanon.” But Mrs Clinton herself said she will continue Obama’s policy in the region, which means full pledge support for the Mullahs regime of Iran and thus not challenging Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Sources have shared that the former PM of Lebanon was badly advised by Lebanese pro Iran deal lobbyist in Washington, Dr Joseph Bahout‬. The latter has been active on behalf of the Iranian deal both in the Arab media and Western media to weaken the resolve by Western politicians to oppose the Iran deal. Bahout was one of the organizers of Siniora ‘s event .

Again, PM Siniora failed the Cedars Revolution in 2005, didn’t allow UN to apply a Chapter 7 Resolution in 2006, and didn’t confront Hezbollah when it invaded Beirut in 2008 . PM Siniora has abandoned the Cedars Revolution and is now making a major mistake by meddling in US presidential politics and openly backing Clinton over the Republican frontrunners. This will be his biggest mistake to date.

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