Lebanon: The one answer to the many questions: A free area...
Written by Walid Phares   
Wednesday, 06 January 2016


As we are addressing the multiple and complex crises and confrontations rising and expanding in the region, many of our Lebanese friends continue to ask us: What is the plan for Lebanon, what should be done what can be done? At this point the answer is only one. All other paths are blocked for now. A free area inside the country, free from all Jihadists and militias. Free from Hezbollah and the Jihadi Salafists as well as from the pro-Assad militias and parmilitary organizations, is the answer.

Regional alignments with Iran, Turkey or the Gulf, Presidential elections, a tabbule cabinet, fixing the Government's corruption, watching political circus on TV, crossing the Syrian borders, clashing over the Israeli borders, waiting for the Obama Administration to do something, relying on President Putin's airforce show, visiting Qatar, all of this cannot be stopped and cannot be relied on. It is clear and it is timely.

So focus on how to have a one region, zone or more, completely freed from all militias, which would be under exclusive presence of vetted units of the Lebanese Army, security forces, police and when needed a UN contribution. All other paths can start from such reality. Where, how, who, when, should be the questions to ask. Do not expect the militias to assist you in forming a region without their presence or their reach, and do not expect regional powers to contribute much. This is an achievement that only determined Lebanese can fulfill. Other than that you could spend another 25 years of the same 25 years that you had enjoyed since October 13, 1990

Walid Phares