Phares to BBC Arabic
Written by Walid Phares   
Friday, 24 July 2015


"The Iran deal has no popular support, it has one weak leg inside the US, to expire in one year"

Dr Walid Phares told BBC Arabic radio that "the Iran deal has no popular support in the United States. The last national election was the Congressional midterms in 2014. It was clear that the results of that election brought about a majority opposed to such a deal initially. Today's Congress' majority is the last popular majority, as was the election of 2006, and its current opposition to the deal represents what most Americans feel and want. Thus it was a mistake for the executive branch to sign an agreement with Iran's regime, while a majority of the nation is opposed to it. Hence the legitimate value of an executive branch led international commitment lacking the support of a popular majority, is questionable. This deal has a one weak leg in the US, and a leg which will expire in one year."