Phares to Sawt Lubnan: "US major concern in Lebanon is about Terrorism and security collapse"
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Thursday, 01 May 2014


"Who controls the ground, controls the process"

In an interview with Sawt Lubnan (VDL) Dr Walid Phares said "the United States major concern in Lebanon is about Terrorism, either from al Qaeda's Jihadists car bombs in Lebanon or from Hezbollah's military operations in Syria. From this perspective Washington doesn't back particular politicians or candidates in the ongoing Presidential election process. It prefers to deal with a President who is not an ally to Terror groups and who won't draw Lebanon into another war, particularly in Syria. The Obama Administration prefers the status quo over being drawn to intervene in Lebanon." Phares said "Lebanon's file in Washington is below Syria, Iran, Israel-Palestine and Egypt. It is still high along with Iraq, but not a matter of top emergency. What is known as constitutional void in Lebanon, is in fact still constitutional as the institutions of the state continues to manage the country's affairs though in low intensity."
Phares added that "it is obvious that the Hezbollah led coalition will benefit from a void as it controls the national security of the country. It will maintain such pressure until a President of its choice or acceptable to their policy is in place." Asked about US Congressional elections in the fall Phares said "if President Obama's supporters wins the House, he could have free hands in many policies, including foreign affairs. If the Republicans win the Senate, his current Middle East policies would be in difficulty." Phares said Lebanon Presidential elections are a reflection of the balance of power in the ground. "Who controls the ground, controls the process, so far."  
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