al-Seyassah: "March 14 youth may rise against its leaders if Hezbollah is empowered"
Written by al-Seyassah   
Saturday, 11 January 2014


In a report published by daily Al-Seyassah, analysts believe that members of the "March 14 Coalition" known for its opposition to Bashar Assad regime and Hezbollah will eventually rebel against their leaders and politicians if the latter would engage in concessions to Terror group Hezbollah. The report said "Lebanese emigres rejects any Hezbollah participation in a future Government, do not want a neutral Government, but insist on a free Lebanese Government that would seek international backing to disarming Hezbollah and other extremist militias. Al-Seyassah quoted a press release by the World Council of the Cedars revolution (WCCR) criticizing the formation of yet another Government that would legitimize and empower Hezbollah.


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