A Shiite not from Hezbollah
Written by Ibrahim Chalhoub   
Wednesday, 18 January 2012


When Mostafa Geha, author of "Khomeiny killed Zarathoustra" and "the plight of the mind in Islam", felt that he is going to be assassinated one day he decided to give his first name to his son with whom he could only live for 8 years. Benefiting from the anniversary of the assassination of his father, the young Mostafa Geha, a political science graduate and owner of a publishing house and a center of political and startegic studies, decided to move out of the shadows to denounce through the judiciary system those who were behind the death of the man who took him to school for the last time twenty years ago.

Those who killed him were stupid. They were able to annihilate his body, but not his thoughts, said the young Mostafa.

During the interview, Moustafa was calm but firm. In his eyes, he had an obvious grudge hovering over hidden facts since January 1992. It's a name and a cause. There will be no retreat, nor surrender.

Mostafa Geha, the Lebanese Shiite thinker, was against the limitation of Shiism to Hezbollah and against the Syrian regime and its allies, during his times, in the country of Cedars. He was working to promote a country in which citizens are Lebanese rather than muslims and christians. Most of his books were banned and confiscated by the security services as they were considered to be criticizing the religious fundemantalism -- satanic verses for those who wanted keep the truth in the dark.

And as a reponse to the question about threats and the possibility of a repetition of the act of murder, the young Mostafa was clear and prompt: They will never be able to get rid of the spirit of Mostafa Geha nor of his thougts.