WCCR has an issue with Lebanese government treaatment of Syrian Refugees
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Friday, 20 May 2011


Press Release - Beirut - May 20th 2011 - Download Full PDF - [ HERE ]

The Lebanon team of the World Council of the Cedars Revolution is monitoring the situation in Lebanon as well as on the Lebanese South and North borders. It is with great dismay that we note the following violations:

1- The Lebanese Government has succumbed to the pressure from the Syrian counterpart as well as from the Lebanese pro-Syrian groups. This has resulted in heavy pressure on the venue hosting the event planned on May 17th in solidarity with the Syrian uprising supporting their demand for freedom and auto-determination resulting in the cancellation of the event.

2- The Lebanese Army have accepted to arrest and return to Syria the two Syrian Army soldiers who found refuge in Lebanon. This is in clear violation of Human Rights as well as international law and a clear violation of Lebanon's commitments to the international community. All agreements signed between Lebanon and Syria during Syria's occupation of Lebanon are de-facto cancelled and void by the Cedars Revolution of 2005 resulting in the withdrawal of the Syrian forces from Lebanon.

3- The Lebanese Army closed the North border between Lebanon and Syria with barbwires making it more difficult for Syrian refugees to cross to Lebanon.

4- The terrorist armed militias that are still in Lebanon are taking orders from Iran and Syria to do anything to lessen the pressure on Syria. Their latest coordinated attempt with the Syrian government who tried to ignite the Syrian Israeli border failed to ignite the Lebanese Israeli border.

5- Scores of Syrians are crossing into Lebanon from the Lebanese North border fleeing the systematic terrorizing, raping and killing from the Syrian rogue regime leaving behind several mass graves.

6- Syria is actively transferring Hezbollah’s weapons that were stored in Syria into Lebanon. This is in clear violation of UN resolutions.

The World Council of the Cedars Revolution declares a full support to the Syrian population. We ask the free world to take a decisive step to stop the killing of innocent people by requesting strongly to the Syrian president to step down. We support the sending of an independent commission of investigation to go into Syria, to identify all the criminals who have killed and oppressed with impunity until today the Syrian population. Mass graves should be uncovered; wounded families should be treated; dead Syrians should be properly buried. The Syrian population has the right to live in a democracy with the rule of law and freedom.

Kamal el Batal
National Director for Lebanon
Director of Human Rights

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