Why is the World Silent - Atrocities in Syria
Written by ReformPartyofSyria   
Sunday, 22 May 2011


Video - Syrian Tanks Kills Syrian Citizen.

Facebook, Youtube, Reform Party of Syria and the World Council for the Cedars Revolution First to Report Syrian Atrocities.

The UN, the West, the Free World that stands for the legitimate rule of law - must come out in support of all the innocent people that are being massacered in Syria today.

Why are the Nations of the World Silent?

We denounce hitler and what he did to the Jews, we denounce stalin and what he did to the Russians, we denounce saddam and what he did to the Iraqi's - again we must not be silent to the atrocities of this Syrian Regime. 

Video of Syrian Army Tank Running over and over a Syrian Protestor to make sure he is dead.

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