Syrian military refuse to fire on demonstrators
Written by ITAR-TASS   
Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Several Syrian soldiers on Monday refused to fire on unarmed demonstrators during mop up operations in the city of Deraa. "About five officers and 10 soldiers ceased fire in the square outside al-Omari mosque, upon ascertaining they were facing unarmed people", - said local activist Abdullah Abazeid.

  According to him, this allowed the residents to remove dead bodies from the streets and evacuate the wounded.

  Nothing is reported regarding the future fate of the military who had disobeyed orders. Meanwhile, the head of the National League for the Protection of Human Rights, Omar al-Courbet said that the death toll at Deraa had reached 25 people, with dozens injured. They are granted every possible assistance in nearby houses.

  A curfew is in place in Deraa, and a ban on traffic movement. Snipers are at large on the rooftops, reports ITAR-TASS.