Tom Harb Radio Interview
Written by Rick Moran show   
Wednesday, 26 January 2011


The 1 hour interview on Rick Moran show.

Tom Harb participated in a panel of discussion on latest development on Lebanon.
Major points: Mikati appointment is against the people vote, intimidation of a terrorist organization forced member of parliament to shift their strategy but people remained objecting to Hezbollah.
Mikati assets in US and Europe might be frozen as per US laws against terrorism.
March 14th leaders/government blocked at least  2 opportunities:
1) In 2006 when US was calling for a resolution under chapter 7.
2) in 2008 when Hezbollah occupied west Beirut, deputies elected a president who served 9 years as the head of the Lebanese Army under the Syrian occupation.
Finally, 2nd Cedars revolution has started and will not stop till it has achieved its objective and preventing the Iranian/Syrian and Hezbollah taking over.
Freedom is coming and no one can stop it.