News Naharnet Jan 16 2011
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Sunday, 16 January 2011



News Naharnet Jan 16 2011

 Live Coverage
10:01pm Jumblat to Al-Manar TV: Democratic Gathering MPs will take a united stance regarding their candidate for Lebanon's new prime minister.
9:28pm Nasrallah: I have already expressed my belief that the Israelis assassinated Rafik Hariri to change the whole Lebanese situation.
9:28pm Nasrallah: The indictment is the work of Tel Aviv.
9:27pm Nasrallah: We will not allow anybody to mess with the Resistance.
9:20pm Nasrallah: We cannot remain silent anymore about any government that backs the false witnesses.
9:16pm Nasrallah: Whatever the outcome of consultations, the indictments are something else.
9:15pm Nasrallah: There are two simultaneous paths: the path of parliamentary consultations and the path of Bellemare.
9:09pm Nasrallah: The Opposition has unanimously agreed not to name Saad Hariri as prime minister of the new government.
9:07pm Nasrallah: The Opposition will exercise its own national convictions and will not be intimidated by the world’s reaction (on the government collapse).
9:02pm Nasrallah: Another reason for the government resignation is its inability to face the repercussions of indictments while insisting on financing a tribunal which is conspiring against the Resistance.
8:58pm Nasrallah: After all those developments, can such a Government last?  8:45pm Nasrallah: Is it possible for Americans to allow the success of the Arab bid which disrupts their sabotage effort? 8:43pm Nasrallah: The U.S. and the Israelis have been rejecting the S-S agreement since the beginning.  8:30pm Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah makes his first public comments since the collapse of the Lebanon government.  7:40pm Hariri discussed the general situation with the U.S. ambassador. 7:13pm MTV: Possibility of postponing parliamentary consultations set for Monday.  7:12pm Baabda sources to NBN: President Michel Suleiman was not informed from any party of a request to postpone parliamentary consultations scheduled for Monday. 6:24pm Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc after a meeting at Center House named Saad Hariri as its candidate for the premiership. 6:02pm Aoun: Lebanon cannot continue with the Hariri policy which is destroying Lebanon. 6:00pm Aoun in a message to Jumblat: He cannot split himself otherwise he would be returning to the wrong position. 5:59pm Aoun: Anyone who stands alongside Saad Hariri is participating in the eruption of the current situation. 5:58pm Aoun: Cabinet governs Lebanon and not a person. 5:55pm Aoun responding on the STL indictment: We do not fear a hundred indictments. They should pay attention to the timing of the issuance of the indictments with the parliamentary consultations on Monday. 5:47pm Aoun commenting on Al-Jadid audiotape broadcast: Prosecutor Saeed Mirza is a collaborator. This is why it is not possible for a prime minister who has been condemned to be re-named as prime minister. 5:20pm Future News: Hariri’s office described as “intelligence work” an audiotape broadcast by al-Jadid TV, adding that the interview that was aired was at the request of the (U.N.-backed) investigation committee. 5:07pm Bassil: We expressed rejection of the return of the same governmental structure under the same premiership. 5:05pm Energy Minister Jebran Bassil holds a joint press conference with Telecoms Minister Charbel Nahhas and Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud to announce a major list of the achievements of their ministries. 4:26pm MTV: A crowd of youth destroyed several cars in the Hamra neighborhood of Hadath. 4:10pm Prince of Monaco, Secretary General of the Spanish Presidency and Cabinet Minister Michel Pharaon left Beirut. 4:06pm NNA: An extraordinary meeting of the Change and Reform bloc is underway under Michel Aoun in the absence of MPs Suleiman Franjieh and Talal Arslan. 3:42pm First US ambassador to Syria since 2005, Robert Ford, arrived in Damascus.  3:32pm A meeting is underway between Druze leader Walid Jumblat and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to discuss the latest developments in Lebanon’s political crisis. 3:22pm MTV: Jumblat cancelled a meeting of his Democratic Gathering parliamentary bloc scheduled for Sunday afternoon to take a stance on parliamentary consultations. 3:04pm LBC: Center House sources confirmed Hariri has been informed that Bellemare submitted the indictment to Fransen. 2:00pm Hariri discussed latest developments and bilateral ties with Saudi Ambassador Ali Awad Assiri. 1:44pm STL Chief of Public Affairs Crispin Thorold to MTV: Bellemare will hand over the indictment to Fransen before Wednesday. 1:14pm Hariri met with the Egyptian and Russian ambassadors and discussed with them the latest developments and bilateral ties. 12:26pm Suleiman received a phone call from Clinton last night. She stressed U.S. support for Lebanon.  12:05pm U.S. Ambassador Connelly visited Zahle and met with MP Fattoush. They discussed the current developments in Lebanon and Connelly stressed that the U.S. continues to urge all parties to remain calm.  12:00pm Harb unveiled that Sfeir presented his resignation months ago but the Vatican is taking its time in accepting it  10:41m MP Ammar Houri to al-Manar: Al-Jadid TV’s broadcast of a meeting between Hariri and Siddiq is an intelligence fabrication and has a bad timing. 10:33am Minister Ibrahim Najjar to LBC: Even if the indictment is handed over to the pre-trial judge, I don’t think there would be an immediate reaction to it. 10:22am March 14 official Fares Soaid to Future News: We are in full political readiness. There is no need to support Hariri with popular demonstrations. Aoun is used to battling regional powers. In the past he wanted to smash Assad’s head.  9:46am The communist party warned against dangers from sliding in security and sectarian tension. It urged the new government to have a policy statement that stresses commitment to the resistance, stability and reform. 9:25am MP Elie Marouni to VDL (100.5): It is natural for the Phalange party to be committed to its national stances by naming Hariri as premier.  8:50am MP Assem Qanso to VDL (93.3): Jumblat is wise enough to make the right decision. I believe a personality other than Hariri will be named as premier. 8:39am MP Imad al-Hout to VDL (93.3): I think Jumblat has made up his mind although the results of consultations are not clear yet. 8:20am Minister Hassan Mneimneh to VDL (93.3): Hariri is the top Sunni leader in Lebanon and should be easily named premier again. 7:20am MP Khodr Habib to VDL (93.3): March 8 forces have a long experience in obstructing government work. We ask Hariri to head the new cabinet from a national and not sectarian perspective..

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