World Maronite Union President Sheikh Sami Khoury Critical of M14 Performance
Written by WMU   
Wednesday, 27 October 2010

WMU President
WMU President

Sheikh Sami el Khoury, President of the World Maronite Union from Washington DC told Mideast Newswire that many Diaspora Lebanese "were disappointed with the poor performance of March 14 Politicians during the visit by Terror regime President Mahmoud Ahmedinijad to Lebanon."

Washington DC, October26, 2010

Khoury, who held meetings with officials at the US State Department and with members of the US Congress said: "These politicians didn't have to attend a dinner at the Lebanese Presidency to honor Ahmedinijad, under any circumstances. This was not a regular state to state diplomatic event; this was an Iranian political offensive to put Lebanon under its umbrella. We expect from Lebanon's politicians, particularly those who talk about the Cedars Revolution to be real revolutionaries and stand by their words. Ahmedinijad's regime is the financial backer of Hezbollah. This terror organization invaded Beirut and the mountain in May 2008 and killed many Lebanese citizens. Hezbollah members may be indicted in the assassination of Prime Minister Hariri and possibly in the murder of other leaders, including Gebran Tueni, Walid Eido and George Hawi. There is not one single reason for Lebanese politicians from March 14 to dine with Ahmedinijad. To the opposite," said Khoury, "attending that dinner under the cover of diplomatic protocol doesn't make sense, simply because one can accept or refuse the invitation, based on the political context. Accepting a dinner invitation to honor a Terror regime means that these politicians are backing off from principles and are playing politics. The Lebanese Diaspora cannot be fooled by any explanation to legitimize this faulty move."

Khoury, who served as a past President of the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU) said "Lebanon's politicians needs to understand that the vast majority of millions of Lebanese emigres around the world do not buy arguments used inside Lebanon's political arena. Either one is opposing Terrorism all the way or one plays politics. Outside Lebanon, we have clarity in thinking and these maneuvers are not acceptable. If politicians want to claim affiliation with the Cedars Revolution, they should abide by its principles and express the feelings of its masses, those who took the streets of Beirut in 2005 without instructions from politicians. Lebanon's civil society has sacrificed enough to demand from its politicians to stay firm and stop political maneuvering. The popular majority has given its politicians the majority in Parliament twice in 2005 and 2009 so that these politicians would lead the country towards full liberation and implementation of UN resolutions. Unfortunately the performance of March 14 politicians didn't meet the hopes of average citizens and voters. Speeches during the electoral campaigns spoke of resistance to terror and liberation. Now we only see adaptation and wait and see attitudes."

Khoury called on "Lebanon's politicians, particularly those of March 14, to cease reacting to events and leading their people to meaningful results and stop blaming failure on circumstances." 


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