U.S. Lawmakers Urge Hizbullah's Disarmament, Express Fear Over Confrontation with Israel
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Saturday, 05 December 2009


Thirty-one members of the U.S. House of Representatives have urged the Obama administration to work toward disarming Hizbullah and preventing Iran from using the Shiite group in any confrontation with Israel.

In a letter sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the lawmakers said the U.S. government should ensure greater accountability from the United Nations in enforcing Resolution 1701.

"In light of the clear violations of U.N. Security Council resolutions, we ask what actions the Administration is taking to ensure the U.N. addresses these violations," the letter reads. "We must seek to support stronger multilateral efforts to disarm Hizbullah and clear southern Lebanon of Iranian weapons."

The letter notes that the Obama administration has requested $210 million for UNIFIL and $100 million in military assistance for the Lebanese army. "For that much money, American taxpayers deserve to see results," the lawmakers said.

The letter warned that Tehran may try to distract the international community from its nuclear program by inciting Hizbullah into carrying out militant activities in southern Lebanon and blowing up the regional situation.

The members of the House of Representatives said that in light of the increasing number of incidents in southern Lebanon and the capture of an Iranian arms ship allegedly destined for Hizbullah, they are highly concerned by the potential of Iranian-sponsored escalation along the Lebanese-Israeli border.

The letter, which was sponsored by Mark Kirk and Steve Israel, said the situation in southern Lebanon became worse after the 2006 war. It added that the newly formed Lebanese cabinet gave Hizbullah veto power over major decision-making. 

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