Lebanon arrests four suspected terrorists
Written by DPA   
Monday, 07 December 2009


Beirut - Four suspected terrorists have been arrested in Lebanon in connection with an alleged plot to carry out attacks on United Nations peacekeepers stationed in the country, a Lebanese security source said Monday.

A 20-year-old chemistry student from eastern Lebanon, who is suspected of having links to the al-Qaeda terrorist network, was among those arrested. The source, who requested anonymity, told the German Press Agency dpa that authorities found automatic rifles, detonators, computers and a handbook on how to make bombs during a search of his apartment.

Around 13,000 peacekeepers make up the United Nation Interim Forces in southern Lebanon (UNIFIL). The force has in the past been the target of attacks.

In June 2007, six peacekeepers were killed and three wounded when a car bomb targeted their convoy. Twelve men belonging to a Sunni fundamentalist Palestinian group called Fatah al-Islam were sentenced earlier this year to life in prison after being found guilty of carrying out the attack.


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