"The silent majority believes the politicians of the Cedars Revolution had too many failures"
Written by CRNews   
Sunday, 01 November 2009


CRNews (Washington D.C.) A source from the World Council of the Cedars Revolution (WCCR) told CR News that "many in the Lebanese Diaspora came to the conclusion that the management of the confrontation with Hezbollah and Syria's allies in Lebanon has failed because the politicians who claimed affiliation with the Cedars Revolution are not revolutionaries.

They made concession after concession to the Iranian-backed militia encouraging the latter to demand more. These politicians failed to organize the resistance against the Terror Hezbollah militias in May 2008. From there on, we didn't expect they would do better. They urged voters to grant them a victory in 2009's elections, which they did. But then, nothing happens. Citizens have a problem with their politicians above all problems."

The source added that "we hear a lot about what the brave resistance has achieved in the past, during the war against the Syrian occupation but we don't hear about how to resist Hezbollah today. Had the heroes of the past resistance been around, they wouldn't have been calling Hezbollah a resistance but a Terror group.

If Lebanon's politicians continue to play games and calling the Terrorists a resistance, they will disconnect themselves from both voters and their own people. The Cedars Revolution is in dire need of smart, efficient, and capable leaders who knows how to shape strategies against Terrorists. Above all Lebanon's civil society needs leaders who are modest."

The source said: "we interact with Lebanese citizens across the country and in many countries around the world. The silent majority, the one that doesn't have access to media and is not necessarily affiliated with politicians, has significant resources still. But it feels that the way its destiny was managed by politicians was a failure. Politicians are not representing the real deep aspirations of the silent majority. They represent those who are loud but who have no solution to our problems." 

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