Naharnet Exclusive: Broad Christian Meeting in Maarab
Written by Naharnet   
Wednesday, 21 October 2009


A broad Christian meeting was held in Maarab Monday evening between representatives of the Lebanese Forces, the Phalange party, the National Liberal Party, the Democratic Renewal Movement and the General Secretariat of March 14 forces. 


The meeting was attended by Cabinet ministers and MPs from the Lebanese Forces while the Phalange party was represented by Joseph Abi Khalil, Salim Sayegh and Walid Fares.

Also present were National Liberal Party head MP Dori Chamoun, Camille Ziade and Antoine Haddad on behalf of the Democratic Renewal Movement as well as March 14 General Secretariat members Fares Soaid and Samir Franjieh.

Information made available to Naharnet said talks focused on the role of March 14 Christians in the next phase.

The conferees stressed during the discussions which lasted more than five hours the need for continued coordination among March 14 Christians, with emphasis on the Islamic-Christian alliance within the coalition as well as to activate the role of March 14 Secretariat.

Beirut, 20 Oct 09, 12:01