Suleiman: Armed Forces Should Eradicate Security Disrupters in Tripoli, Entire Lebanon
Written by Naharnet   
Sunday, 18 October 2009


President Michel Suleiman said Saturday that the Lebanese official armed forces should eradicate security disrupters in Tripoli and entire Lebanon.

Suleiman was speaking at the opening of "Decentralization in the Middle East" conference in Tripoli where he said that administrative decentralization should be a main item among the items of the new government's Policy Statement.

Suleiman added: "We want real administrative decentralization that gives financial and economical independence to local councils and does not deny the central state its role nor it denies the citizens to run their local affairs."

The President stressed on the necessity to form a national unity government with no shares but those belonging to citizens' benefit. 

Beirut, 17 Oct 09, 20:04