March 14 Slams Syrian Interference in Lebanese Politics
Written by Naharnet   
Wednesday, 30 September 2009


The March 14 forces slammed on Wednesday what they called blatant Syrian interference in Lebanese political life through media campaigns on the country's political system.

We "condemn blatant Syrian meddling in Lebanese political life through Syrian state media attacks on the political system in Lebanon," the March 14 general-secretariat said following its weekly meeting.

The statement urged all those concerned about Lebanon and its coexistence to be cautious about efforts to torpedo the Taef accord.

It also criticized what it called "non-cooperation" and even "obstruction" by some forces to cabinet formation.

The statement finally urged the March 8 forces to facilitate formation of the government "through respect for the results of parliamentary elections and the choices of the Lebanese public opinion." 
Beirut, 30 Sep 09, 15:44

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