Tom Harb: The Cedars Revolution continue with or without Lebanon's politicians
Written by CRNews   
Monday, 10 August 2009


Clarifications to members and friends of the Cedars Revolution worldwide
By Tom Harb
Secretary General
The reason the WCCR didn't comment openly (yet) on Mr Jumblat's latest statements is because we are bound by the confidentiality of the conversations we had with him in Washington and in Lebanon. Our statements will be made only in conjunction with our strategy, which involves regional and international domensions too.
However, and on principle, we are proud to state that we are moving forward in the implementation of the goals of the Cedars Revolution, with or without politcians inside Lebanon. They can come and they can go as they wish, we are proceeding with plans and strategies aiming at implementing UNSCR 1559 and all what leads to freeing Lebanon fully from Syrian and Iranian power and siarmign all militias including Hezbollah and all armed factions outside the Lebanese Army and security forces.
When we began to work for these goals, all politicians inside Lebanon were either allies with Syria or not interested in what we were doing. We pushed the platform internationally and by 2004 we were able to introduce and initiate UNSCR 1559. Lebanon's politicians had nothing to do with it. Actually they were blocking us from achieveing that goal. But then the Syrians commited mistakes and did what they did. And the brave Lebanese people exploded, way ahead of most politicians and deserved the withdrawal of the Syrians. We know and we think that the Lebanese people can accomplish more and push it to full liberation, if they can identify and recognize leaders who can really move forward strategically.  
Lebanon's politicians made plenty of mistakes since 2005 and here they are after the legislative elections going in all directions with no plans and nothing to offer, unfortunately. Some even are shifting back to their past positions. This is sad of course, but it doesn't impress us, intimidate us or depress us. For one simple reason: we operate outside the political feudal system of Lebanon and aren't affiliated with politicians but with a cause.
Many leaders ave shifted back and forth, in all communities. The important matter is for the Lebanese to make a choice. Are they waiting always for what the politicians have to say or will they move forward themselves and create the leaders who cna deliver. We will see.
We from the diaspora are free and will continue to support the Lebanese cause and work for its realization. We're not stopping, we're not going back. We are always moving forward.
Tom Harb
Secretay General
Council for the Cedars Revolution
Washington DC