WCCR Press Release: Solidarity with Iran's Population Seeking Freedom
Written by WCCR   
Monday, 22 June 2009


The Cedars Revolution was the beginning and Now for the Liberation of Iran

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22nd June 2006
Washington DC
Media Release

The Cedars Revolution was the beginning and Now for the Liberation of Iran

The freedom loving people of Iran have been living under the spell of apathy and despair for the last thirty years, created by their dictatorial leaders of the Islamic Revolution who have ambushed Islam and wish to enforce terror not only upon the citizens of Iran but also upon those of neighboring countries in the Middle East and the Gulf regions.

The results and actions which have accompanied the Presidential elections of Iran have clearly exposed the refusal of free Iranians to accept any further oppression from the ruling regime and its president Ahmadi Nijad.

In view of these events, The World Council of the Cedars Revolution (WCCR) declares the following;

- The WCCR supports the activities which object to the results of the Presidential election in Iran and views them as a rejection of Iranian authorities’ manipulation of the people’s choices.
- That the student movement which is supported by a huge section of the people of Iran, particularly the women and youths, expresses their rejection of the oppressive administration of Ahmadi Nijad and the Revolutionary Guard.
- That the free people of Iran live in hope of the beginning of change from life under the misery of oppression and fear to a more liberated life with opportunity and potential for development and self esteem.
- That the WCCR and the people of Lebanon sees this as a unique opportunity for the free people of Iran to regain their democratic rights and freedoms and return to their rightful place amongst the great nations of the world.
- That the WCCR was a great example to the people of the region who wish to remove themselves from under the rule of oppression, occupation and dictatorship and like the great people of Lebanon return power to the wishes and the voice of the people.
- The WCCR calls upon all the freedom loving nations of the world and in particular all western powers not sit on the sidelines and watch the events unveil, but to become active in assisting the free and democratic people of Iran achieve their objective of liberating Iran from the ruthlessness of Ahmadi Nijad and his regime.

For and on behalf of the World Council of the Cedars Revolution

Joseph P Baini