WCCR Press Release: United Kingdom's Recent Decision to Hold Low Level Talks
Written by WCCR   
Saturday, 14 March 2009


The World Council of the Cedars Revolution issued a letter to UK PM Gordon Brown  raising the concern of any dialogue with a terrorist organization such as Hezbollah. Here is the content of letter:

Dear Prime Minister Brown,

The World Council of the Cedars Revolution (WCCR) has enjoyed a very strong and fruitful partnership with Great Britain and the broader European Parliament in our mutual struggle against terrorism.

We have an enormous respect for Great Britain’s continued support for the protection and preservation of democracies such as that of Lebanon. However, we are extremely concerned at your recent announcement that you are considering or have decided to open dialogue with the very terrorist militia which has caused untold damage to the lives of many Lebanese over decades and to innocent people in many spots around the world, including in Iraq and Argentina.

Are you aware of the pain and suffering this decision has already caused and will continue to cause to millions of people simply by announcing the possibility of opening dialogue with that terrorist militia Hezbollah?

Can you imagine the hurt, the despair and the feeling of betrayal by the families of over thousands of victims who were killed in the defense of their sovereignty, independence and democratic freedoms at the hands of Hezbollah's evil sponsors the Syrian and Iranian regimes in Lebanon? Already Hezbollah tramples upon their memory, their graves and their legitimate right to honorable recognition of their martyrdom.

Great Britain has been a powerful leader in the struggle against terrorism wherever it may be throughout the world. Great Britain has been a strong advocate of United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) 1559 and 1701. As such, the question that begs asking is what has changed in the recent past to divert The United Kingdom from its original course?

We should respectfully point out that dialogue with Hezbollah is not similar to negotiations with the IRA who had a fully fledged political institution separate from their military operational structure. The IRA had at the very least reached a position of motivation for peace. This is an entirely different ball game where Hassan Nasrallah is the political Lord and master and also the head of Hezbollah’s military planning and execution. His motivation is a totalitarian ideology and absolute power; and his plan is to take Lebanon back to the dark ages of ruthless dictatorship and Islamist Khomeinism with no respect for the plural nature of Lebanon. You cannot have dialogue or negotiations with such totalitarians before their reform. It would be the equivalent of establishing a dialogue with the Nazis during a time of war, before their claim to the Third Reich and racial cleansing is reformed.   

Hassan Nasrallah was explosive in his rejection of your predecessor’s visit to Lebanon, as he was aggressively humiliating in his attacks against Prime Minister Siniora for having invited the former Prime Minster of Great Britain to Lebanon.

The State of play at the present moment is that Hezbollah is one of the most destructive terrorist organizations in the world. Your government’s legitimizing their entity as a major power with which you open dialogue and with which you would negotiate, would not only exacerbate all previous efforts to disarm them, but would also add fuel to their claim and determination to acquire, possess and use Iranian and Syrian supplied rockets with nuclear war heads against any community be it within Lebanon or against Lebanon’s southern neighbor Israel.

Any acknowledgement of their status as a legitimate representative of any community in Lebanon prior to full implementation of UNSCR 1559 and 1701 would completely undermine all the efforts of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and its resolutions. Hassan Nasrallah together with Iranian and Syrian regimes would scoff at any threat by the UNSC; and would further their objectives of growing their terrorism in the region.

Dear Prime Minister, we are very concerned that Great Britain which has been a strong ally, might hand the terrorists this powerful advantage. We call on you to exert your strength in the full implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1559 and 1701 which would liberate the people of Lebanon form tyranny.

For the World Council of the Cedars Revolution
International Non Governmental Organization, Washington DC


Joseph P Baini