Press Release: WCCR visit to the US Senate and the American National Security
Written by WCCR   
Tuesday, 03 March 2009


Future Movement Newspaper - Tuesday, 3 March 2009 - No. 3236 - Lebanese affairs - page 6 

A delegation of the World Council for the Cedars Revolution yesterday, which included Information Officer Ablan Faris, Counselor for security Charbel Barakat, participated in a number of visits in Washington DC, including the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate committees, Senator Kerry, whom he delivered a letter, thanking him for the position during his recent visit to Lebanon , the region and the understanding of the importance of Lebanon's independence and its continued support of the new American administration has been to clarify some points contained in the letter to Senator Kerry's aides.

Turning to the Office of National Security was presented with the latest developments in Lebanon with the office in charge of Syria, Lebanon, North Africa and the Gulf Magen Mgdor mit, especially in regard to elections and airspace associated with the preparations and their impact on the daily life of citizens after the return of the phenomena of violence and offer participants a demonstration on February 14 .

The delegation stressed the need to "support the Lebanese army and to enable him to obtain the necessary weapons and equipment for the citizens will feel safe and become the sole reference and the title of the statute to impose order and punish the rioters and to help the time of terrorism and the implementation of international resolutions."


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