Geagea to Aoun: Your Allies are Most Corrupt in the Country
Written by Naharnet   
Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Lebanese Forces (LF) leader Samir Geagea commented to charges of corruption made earlier by leader of Change and Reform Bloc MP Michel Aoun, "An issue that he always addresses" said Geagea.

"The most corrupt in the country are your local and regional allies, among them particularly are the "Syrian" group in Lebanon." Geagea charged.

He went on to add "I hope that for once he (Aoun) would propose forming a parliamentary or judicial committee to investigate this issue."

Geagea who was addressing a student delegation from Notre Dame University (NDU) responded to Aoun's earlier charges. He criticized Aoun's "contradictions" of statements and speeches.

The LF leader added" It is brave to admit defeat. However, our political foes lack the bravery to do so. For when they win, they beat their victory drums; if they lose they blame the law, "Petro-dollars" and claim forgery." Geagea felt that those that do that will continue to fall victim to further loses.

Geagea expressed his dismay against Aoun's accusations of NDU saying "Some people are incapable of admitting any loss even if they lose everywhere."

Regarding an earlier call by Aoun for the removal of the head of State Security at Mount Lebanon Geagea stated that the security leader is neither a member of Aoun's party, nor does he obey his orders. Geagea affirmed that military and security forces should not enter into narrow political disputes.

"However, bringing the issue of political corruption with the media, for the sake of getting at a political adversary is an unacceptable matter." Geagea said.

As per Aoun's theory of "People of Resistance" Geagea said "the Lebanese Forces were the first to know, live and practice this concept. Many have died for this cause. However, once the (Lebanese) state is established the concept of resistance is no longer valid." 

Beirut, 11 Nov 08, 16:32