Timeline: Syrian-Iranian Attempts to Change the Wests View
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Monday, 29 September 2008


Timeline Syrian-Iranian Attempts to Change the Balance of Power in Lebanon and Depict Syria Positively in the West.

The leading analysis at this time is concluding that this could be the work of the Syrian-Iranian axis to try to break Syria's isolation with the west and depict Syria on the same side as the west in fighting terror. These analysts also say that this could be a single shot with multiple strikes, i.e. Return Syria from Isolation, Assassinate a leading figure questioned in the Hariri Tribunal, and return Syrian Hegemony to Lebanon. CRNews. 

Nahar al-Bared - Syrian / Hezbollah armed, trained, directed and facilitated insurgents sent after the Lebanese Armed Forces. 

Live Coverage September 2, 2007

 Sept. 2, 2007 - Lebanese troops take complete control of Nahr al-Bared camp after 15 weeks of fighting with Fatah al-Islam militants which kills over 420 people, including 170 soldiers. 

First Initial Strikes after Nahar al-Bared of Lebanese versus Syrian Supporters in Tripoli

Live Coverage June 21,22,23, 2008

 June 22, 2008 - One person is  killed and at least 24 injured after heavy fighting erupts between pro- and anti-syrian factions in the northern city of Tripoli. The clashes force the withdrawal of the Lebanese army from the area.
 June 23, 2008 - Lebanese troops deploy in Tripoli, bringing calm after two days of sectarian fighting that killed nine.

Fighting between Pro and Anti Syrian forces continue in Tripoli 

Live Coverage July 26, 2008

 July 26 - The army deploys to halt two days of heavy sectarian fighting in Tripoli which killed nine and wounded at least 68. Twenty-two people have died in the last two months.

Live Coverage August 8, 2008
 Lebanon Developments
 4:00pm Angry Salafist demonstrators attacked MP Mustapha Allouch in Tripoli while driving his car past them. Security forces stepped in and resolved the situation.
Live Coverage August 9, 2008

   Lebanon Developments
 10:50am Hussein criticized the cabinet for failing to have a representative of the Alawite sect.
 10:45am MP Mustafa Hussein delivers his speech.
 10:30 am Parliament resumes deliberating the cabinet's policy statement.


Live Coverage 11 August 2008

   Cabinet Policy Statement Dicussions
 2:15pm Ahdab granted vote of confidence to the government.
 2:08pm Ahdab: Tripoli and its security are a testing ground for this government and its national unity.
 2:03pm Ahdab: Tripoli’s fate cannot be decided behind its representatives’ backs.
 1:59pm MP Mosbah Ahdab said Lebanon will continue to suffer and Tripoli is still bleeding.
10:30am Parliament resumes debate on the cabinet policy statement.


Live Coverage - August 12, 2008
Lebanon Developments

 1:50pm The Saniora cabinet won parliamentary confidence by 100 votes, five MPs voted no confidence and two abstained.
1:44pm MPs vote on the cabinet's policy statement.
1:37pm a verbal quarrel develops between MPs Musbah Ahdab, Ayoub Homaied and Ali Hassan Khalil.
1:33pm Saniora concludes his address.
1:33pm Saniora said the forthcoming era is full of threats at the regional level and Lebanon should know how to safeguard its existence.
1:30pm Saniora declared Tripoli a city in distress.
1:23pm He pledged assisstance to the northern city of Tripoli and north Lebanon.
12:53pm Saniora replies to remarks made by MPs.
 10:30am Parliament convenes and resumes deliberations of the cabinet's policy statement.


Live Coverage August 13, 2008
 Bomb Rocks Tripoli Hours Ahead of Lebanese-Syrian Summit

 Aug 13 - A bomb targets a bus in Tripoli killing at least 18 including nine soldiers and wounding 45.

Live Coverage - August 14, 2008

 7:22 Voice of Lebanon radio station: Snipers are targeting the Tripoli Akkar highway and some cars are being hit
 6:00pm Tensions run high at Bab el-Tebaneh region in Tripoli after Ahmed Shaykouni was wounded by a sniper's bullet.
12:13pm Masri: We will remain loyal to the blood of martyrs.
12:12pm Acting Army Commander Maj. Gen. Shawki Masri: The Tripoli crime was a desperate attempt to create instability.
12:01pm The Lebanese army begins its commemoration ceremony in honor of soldiers killed in Wednesday’s Tripoli bombing.
12:00pm Lebanon began observing a one-hour mourning period in honor of the Tripoli victims.
10:30am Justice Minister said that surveillance cameras caught images of the man who was carrying a briefcase believed used in the Tripoli blast went off. 

Live Coverage 8-19-08
1:45pm Police sappers found no explosives in a suspicious ‘Renault 12’ vehicle parked near ex-Premier Najib Mikati’s residence in Tripoli.
1:15pm The Lebanese army erected a barbed wire between Baal al-Darawish, which straddles Bab al-Tabbaneh, and Jabal Mohsen neighborhoods to stop security breaches.
1:00pm Police sappers are checking a suspicious car near Ex-Premier Najib Mikati’s residence in Tripoli.
12:00pm The Lebanese army arrested a man called Abdulrahman Mahmoud Mohammed, who admitted that he threw a bomb at Tripoli’s Bab al-Tabbaneh neighborhood.
10:15am PSP spokesman Rami Rayess: Suicide bombers, who are pretending to be tourists, are heading to Lebanon.

Live Coverage 8-21-08
   Lebanon Developments
1:40pm Lebanese troops seal off Sheik Bilal Shaaban's residence in Tripoli to check a suspicious object found deserted in the neighborhood. It turned out to be a garbage bag.
9:00am Security sources reported that unidentified assailants hurled a hand grenade near an army post in Tripoli overnight. No casualties were reported.

Live Coverage 8-23-08
   Lebanon Developments
12:00pm Lebanese army command responds to Mustaqbal MP Mustafa Alloush: The military was not and will not take sides in any internal conflict.
Live Coverage 8-28-08

   Lebanon Developments
12:12pm AFP: Gunmen opened fire on a Lebanese army helicopter flying over a southern village, killing an officer.
 7:45am Unknown gunmen opened fire overnight on Lebanese army troops in Qobbeh district in the northern city of Tripoli.

Live Coverage 8-29-08

   Lebanon Developments
11:00am Media reports: The shooting attack in Tripoli targeted the home and office of ex-PM Omar Karami’s brother
9:48am Buildings housing apartments and offices belonging to politicians in Tripoli’s Maarad street came under fire.

Live Coverage 9-1-08

   Lebanon Developments
10:22am Unidentified assailants started fire in a car belonging to customs official Akram Rhayyem at the Masnaa border crossing to Syria.

Live Coverage 9-2-08

   Lebanon Developments
11:45am Saniora is meeting with heads of municipalities and syndicates in Tripoli and will later hold talks with other officials and journalists from the northern city.
10:50am Saniora meets Muslim and Christian spiritual leaders from Tripoli.
10:45am Premier Saniora to Tripoli representatives: Nothing could justify negligence in providing your city with security.
10:15am Saniora meets Tripoli cabinet ministers and MPs.
10:00am Miqati after meeting Saniora at the Grand Serail: The fundamental solution is settling the security situation in Tripoli.
9:30am PM Fouad Saniora launched consultations to resolve several issues regarding the northern city of Tripoli, and is meeting former PM Najib Miqati.
7:20am VOL: Unknown assailants tossed a hand grenade into a crowd in east Lebanon’s Taalbaya district at dawn Tuesday, wounding five people.


Live Coverage 9-3-08
9:45pm Al-Mustaqbal movement leader MP Saad Hariri said he is ready to support and sponsor all reconciliation efforts in Tripoli and the North.
Live Coverage 9-4-08
2:00pm The Army Command: The military abides by legislative decisions and doesn’t take sides.
1:15pm Families of those arrested after the Sheikh Lar clashes in Akkar tried to cut the Bireh-Qobayyat-Bekaa road to protest the arrests. But mediation in cooperation with security forces stopped their actions.
11:25am Sarkozy: We back all of Lebanon and not just one side.
11:24am Sarkozy: We stress the independence and sovereignty of Lebanon and peace in it.
11:18am French President Sarkozy: We are happy that Qatar succeeded in its mission. What Assad did in Lebanon brought back trust between Lebanon and Syria.
11:14am The Syrian president said that the Lebanese should solve their main problems through dialogue. A principle element of the positive developments was Suleiman’s visit to Damascus.

 10:15am Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani: Lebanon has gone through an ordeal. It is only now that the security situation started to stabilize despite the Tripoli events.
 10:00am Syrian President Bashar Assad at the quadripartite summit: The situation in Lebanon is still fragile. We are worried about what is happening in the north. We are awaiting the end of legal procedures to appoint ambassadors.

Live Coverage 9-6-08
   Lebanon Developments
 4:30pm MP Mustapha Alloush: Hariri’s Visit to Tripoli is vital following Assad’s dubious campaign.
 3:33pm MP Elie Kairouz: We are still at the heart of the crisis and the Lebanese Forces shall continue its struggle.
 11:45am Ex-Premier Omar Karami returned home from a visit to Iran.
11:30am Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad hariri arrives in Tripoli.
Live Coverage 9-8-08
10:49pm representatives of the various factions sign the Tripoli Reconciliation documment.
10:48pm Hariri said there is no difference between Muslim and Muslim as well as between Muslim and non-Muslim.
10:47pm Hariri said the state would exert all possible efforts to provide violence victims with all their needs before the end of ramadan.
10:45pm Hariri paid tribute to all leaders who facilitated the Tripoli reconciliation.
10:39pm Saniora said Hariri poledged to finance reconstruction efforts in Tripoli.
10:37pm Saniora said Tripoli's security is an integral part of Lebanon's security.
10:32pm Sanioa pledged that the state would carry out its role in enforcing law and order. Any trouble maker is an enemy of Tripoli and all its citizens.
10:30pm Saniora said the reconciliation document is a binding commitment and should be respected by all factions.
10:25pm Saniora said regional developments should encourage us to safeguard our country and avoid sliding into internal dispute.
10:23pm Saniora said hariri reconciliatory efforts brought good news for the future of Tripoli.

 10:19pm Saniora said Tripoli should be a demilitarized city free of gunmen and military manifestations.
 10:15pm Saniora said no one can ignore Tripoli's role in Lebanon's independence.
 10:12pm Saniora makes a statement prior to declaring the reconciliation document.
 9:00pm Saniora said the government has ordered the security forces and army to enforce law and order in Tripoli. Even sticks would be banned.
 8:50pm Karami said the reconciliation would end the Tripoli crisis.
 8:45pm Karami said Tripoli should be a demilitarized.
 8:38pm Saniora said the state should protect Tripoli citizens.
 8:30pm Saniora and ex-Premier Omar Karami hold joint press conference.
Live Coverage 9-9-08
   Lebanon Developments
8:35pm President Michel Suleiman set Tuesday, Sept. 16 as the date for launching the national dialogue.
5:35pm LBC: Shootout is reported between Abdul Hadi Hassoun and Oussama Shabaan in Tripoli's Abi Samra neighborhood.
Live Coverage 9-10-08
   Lebanon Developments
 9:50pmA car bomb explosion killed Saleh al-Aridi, a ranking official of Arslan’s Democratic Party, and wounded six people in the town of Baisour.
 7:59pm Hariri said he would follow the path of his slain father to confront the scheme targeting stability.
 7:56pm Hariri addressed citizens of Tripoli saying the reconciliation is vlauable and should not be penetrated.
 7:53pm Hariri addresses Iftar in Bekaa.

2:00pm The army command announced that committees have started assessing damage inflicted during the Tripoli violennce.
1:15pm A meeting is underway between Karami and Assad in Damascus.
10:30am Former Prime Minister Omar Karami headed to Damascus for a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Live Coverage 9-11-08
   Lebanon Developments
 8:25am An explosion in a pickup truck on the Lebanese-Syrian border in the east killed a Lebanese man and 4 Syrian nationals.
Live Coverage 9-12-08
   Lebanon Developments
 12:53pm Arslan praised Aridi for his strategic relations with Syria and the resistance, as well as with Jumblat.
 12:49pm Arslan pays tribute to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah, Jumblat and other leaders.
 12:45pm Arslan starts address.
 12:43pm Jumblat ends address.
12:41pm Jumblat paid special tribute to the participation in the funeral by AMAL movement and Hizbullah.
12:40pm Jumblat said only the 1949 armistice accord could protect Lebanon and the state should protect all its citizens.
12:37pm Jumblat addresses Aridi mourners.
12:15pm PSP leader Walid Jumblat joins Democratic Party leader Talal Arslan for the Aridi funeral in Baisour.
Live Coverage 9-14-08
1:18pm Security forces arrested Rabih Sablouh, a member of the Islamic Tawheed Movement, for allegedly shooting at a citizen on Saturday in Tripoli.
1:15pm VOL: The Lebanese army confiscated weapons belonging to the “Islamic Tawheed Movement – Hashem Minkara Wing” at a random checkpoint in Tripoli.
Live Coverage 9-17-08
   Lebanon Developments
5:12pm Geagea called for self restraint and wisdon.
5:11pm Geagea said he called government and security officials and proposed banning gathering by all partisans.
5:07pm Geagea starts Press Conference.
4:30am President Suleiman presiding over a meerting at the Baabda Palace grouping Army Commander, director of military intelligence and commander of security forces.
2:15pm Geagea will hold a press conference at 4:30pm to clarify Bsarma incident circumstances.
12:51pm Franjieh: I hold the Lebanese Forces responsible for provoking the shooting incident and MP Farid Habibi direct responsibility; and let the judiciary decide.
12:50pm Franjieh: What a coincidence that Youssef Franjieh was killed in the shooting attack, only two months after he announced on O.T.V. that he had opened fire on Samir Geagea during the Ehden Massacre.
12:45pm Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh gave the government a 15-day to 1-month ultimatum to reveal the truth behind the shooting incident in Bsarma-Koura
8:00am Marada sources: This action was a deliberate provocation aimed at “dragging our members into a fight so the assassination of (Marada) official Youssef Franjieh could be carried out.”
8:00am Marada sources: Lebanese Forces members provoked the fight with Youssef Franjieh when they tried to put up banners near Marada’s office in Bsarma.
7:18am Security forces raided the house of Syrian Social Nationalist Party member Ghassan Ghazi -- suspected of causing the Bsarma clashes – and arrested him. The security forces also confiscated weapons from his house.
7:15am The victims were identified as Pierre Ishaq and head of Marada in Bsarma known as Abu Joe. The 3 wounded were members of the Lebanese Forces
7:05am Press reports said the clashes took place after midnight when Marada supporters in Bsarma began tearing down banners belonging to the Lebanese Forces. When LF members came back to replace the banners they were taken by surprise by the shooting.
7:00am 2 people were killed and 3 wounded in clashes between the Lebanese Forces and Marada Movement and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party in Koura.
Aoun claims Syrian Deployment of Troops none of our business
Live Coverage 9-22-08
   Lebanon Developments
4:45pm He said deployment of Syrian troops in Syria is none of our business.
4:44pm Aoun charged that a network of organized crime controls the country.
4:35pm Mp Michel Aoun addresses reporters at Rabiyeh following the weekly meeting of his Change and Reform Bloc. 
Explosion Syria Sidi Qaddad Neighborhood S. Damascus
Live Coverage 9-27-08
9:36am The report said the car was rigged with 200 kilograms of explosives.
9:35am Syrian state TV reports 17 people killed 14 wounded in car bomb explosion at Sidi Qaddad neighborhood on the road leading to Damascus Airport.
9:30am A powerful explosion was reported at a Syrian security facility in Sidi Qaddad neighborhood south of Damascus.
Explosion Tripoli
Live Coverage 9-29-08
3:45pm Syria denounced the Tripoli blast and declared solidarity with "brotherly" Lebanon.
3:10pm Speaker Berri adjourns the parliamentary session till 8pm.
2:26pm VOL: Casualties reported from the exchange of gunfire between two cars on Riaq highway in east Lebanon.
1:20pm Parliament voted on a clause related to the media which binds the official media to maintain a policy of neutrality while the private media to refrain from publishing inaccurate information.
1:18pm Jordan’s kind Abdullah II condemned the Tripoli bombing, stressing his support to Lebanon.
1:16pm Judicial sources to VOL: Investigators record statements of the owner of the Renault who turned out to be a Lebanese army soldier who had left his car parked at the explosion site.
1:15pm French President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned the Tripoli blast and declared solidarity with Lebanon as well as security authorities in their war against terror.
12:15pm Authorities arrest the owner of the Renault car that was used in the Tripoli bombing.
11:15am Parliament approved election spending and determined a fixed amount of LL 150 million that MPs can spend on election campaigns.
10:32am Parliament resumed session to vote on several bills.
10:30am Future News TV: A meeting is underway between Interior Minister Ziad Baroud and Defense Minister Elias Murr at the latter's house in Rabiyeh.
9:50am Military prosecutor Jean Fahd inspects the blast site.
9:15am The interior minister called for an extraordinary meeting of the Central Security Council Monday afternoon.

8:48am Voice of Lebanon radio station: Among the victims was adjutant Fouad Qadaweh who was taken to al-Haikaliya hospital.
8:45am LBC: The bus, which can carry up to 24 people, was hurled a long distance.
8:38am AFP: At least six people were killed and a dozen injured in the blast.
8:23am National News Agency: Five people were killed and 17 wounded in the Bahsas bombing.
8:14am Ash Sharq Radio station: At least 10 people were killed or wounded in the explosion.
8:10am LBC: A car bomb targeted a Lebanese army bus, wounding a number of soldiers.
7:45am The bomb ripped through a bus carrying Lebanese army soldiers, inflicting a number of casualties.
7:44am An explosion was heard near a Lebanese army post in Bahsas in northern Lebanon..

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