MP Ahdab Warns March 14: Change Path Or Face Failure
Written by Dalia Nehme, Naharnet   
Tuesday, 05 August 2008

MP Mosbah El-Ahdab
MP Mosbah El-Ahdab

MP Musbah Ahdab criticized March 14 for adopting "only bitter decisions" warning that if the majority alliance proceeds with its present path "we would fail in the elections" of 2009.

Ahdab told Naharnet he would vote in favor of Premier Fouad Saniora's cabinet "despite reservations" over a clause on Hizbullah's resistance in its policy statement.

He said Cabinet Minister Nassib Lahoud, who had expressed reservations on the resistance clause in the policy statement draft, "represents me in the cabinet."

The two would meet to consider a joint stand on granting confidence to the cabinet.

The vague phrasing of the policy statement, Ahdab said, makes room for "dual interpretations."

However, he emphasized on the need for the "other side to realize that some of us would not give up national principles."

"Such principles should be taken into consideration in practice," he stressed.

He would grant the cabinet his vote of confidence "because it is the first cabinet in President Michel Suleiman's term," Ahdab said.

"Also because it is headed by Fouad Saniora, a man who would be mentioned in history books as having played a role in safeguarding the state of Lebanon in a very difficult era."

The main challenges that would face the cabinet after parliament grants it a vote of confidence would be appointment of directors of main security agencies, according to Ahdab.

"What I fear is that we would fold a conflict to go into another," he warned.

"If they want to believe that the Beirut status is the title of the new era, we tell them they wouldn't succeed," Ahdab added.

He was referring to the Hizbullah-led attack on Beirut last May.

Ahdab said the situation in Tripoli is more like a "firebrand covered by ash."

"The state has not been able to impose law … there is no confidence (in state security). Due to the absence of such confidence people would go on arming themselves."

He expressed "concern over the trend that things might take if the present situation persisted." 
Beirut, 04 Aug 08, 21:09