Naharnet Daily Bullets July 9-21, 2008
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Monday, 21 July 2008
Live Coverage - July 9, 2008

Live Coverage   Tripoli Clashes and Obstacles Facing Cabinet Line Up Efforts
1:14 pm The casualty toll in the Tripoli clashes raised to four people killed and 53 wounded.
12:34 pm Police report the persisting clashes in Tripoli have killed three people and wouded 43.
12:32 pm Berri leaves Baabda palace without making statement.
12:00 am Speaker Nabih Berri arrives in Baabda and goes into immediate meeting with Suleiman.
11:14 am Suleiman telephoned Assad and they agreed on meeting in Paris.
11:00 am Jumblat said after meeting Suleiman he wants to be represented in the cabinet by three ministers, two druzes and a Christian.
10:30 am al-Manar Television reports that Syrian President Bashar Assad has canceled fees imposed on passengers from Syria to Lebanon.
10:20 am Democratic Gathering leader Walid Jumblat meets President Michel Suleiman at Baabda Palace.
10:00 am Sniper Fire blocked traffic along the Minieh-Tripoli highway.
9:00 am Fire blazed in several apartment buildings in the disputed neighborhoods. 13 people were reported wounded.
8:00 am Education Minister Khaled Qabbani says substitute exams would be organized for students who cannot reach schools in Tripoli.
7:14 am Clashes renewed between Baal Mohsen and Bab Tabbaneh


Live Coverage - July 10, 2008
Live Coverage   Tripoli Tension and Obstacles Facing Cabinet Line Up Efforts
 2:15 pm Sheikh Shaar said the army would open fire at sources of fire.
 2:10 pm Tripoli Mufti Sheikh Malek Shaar said the army has deployed in all areas of the city and the population is trying to regain normal life.
 1:30 pm The Progressive Socialist Party said its alliance with the Lebanese Forces remains a "pillar of the Cedar revolution.
 12:17 pm Mohammed Shatah, an aide to Saniora, is currently meeting Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea at his residence in Meerab.
10:45 am Saudi Ambassador Abdul Aziz Khoja discussed developments in Lebanon and the region with Premier-designate Fouad Saniora.
10:30 am The Lebanese Army said it has bolstered its troops in Tripoli to enforce law and order and urged self restraint
9:18 am Army starts deploying along the confrontation line between Baal Mohsen and Bab Tabbaneh.
8:30 am Tripoli MP Mosbah Ahdab said the army is preparing to carry out a major deployment plan throughout the city.
8:05 am Tripoli MP Samir al-Jisr said the army has not enforced law and order.
7:45 am Tripoli Mufti Sheikh Malek Shaar says a decisive agreement has been reached on the army deployment in Baal Mohsen.
7:30 am Cautious Lull Prevails over Tripoli.


Live Coverage - July 11, 2008

Live Coverage   Efforts Exerted to Form the New Cabinet
3:39 pm Berri leaves Baabda Palace after meeting Saniora and Suleiman.
2:55 pm Speaker Berri joins Premier-designate Saniora and President Suleiman at the Baabda Palace.
2:30 pm Premier-designate Fouad Saniora is meeting President Michel Suleiman at Baabda palace.
2:14 pm Hariri said he would personally be responsible for repercussions of Qanso's participation in the cabbint.
2:12 pm Hariri said the Mustaqbal Movement has sacrificed a lot in favor of Lebanon's interest and the biggest sacrifice was the blood of martyr Rafik Hariri.
2:10 pm Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri announced after meeting Saniora that objecting participation by Ali Qanso in the cabinet has been withdrawn.
1:00 pm Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri meets Premier-designate Fouad Saniora to discuss government line up issues.
12:20 am Sources say ex-MP Nassib Lahoud would most probably represent Qornet Shahwan in the cabinet.
12:15 am Suleiman cancelled his appointments for the day to focus on efforts to form the new cabinet.
11:50 am Saniora called Suleiman and briefed him on efforts exerted to form the new cabinet.
11:14 am LBC reported that President Michel Suleiman is waiting for a telephone contact from Saniora to either inform him of the cabinet line up or postpone it until after the president's return from his Paris trip.
11:00 am Khoury also said March 14 should re-shape its path after structures that had ceased to exist, like Qornet Shahwan, were re-activated.

 10:45 am Free Lebanon Radio reported semi-confirmed info about the distribution of seats among Christian forces of March 14: Ibrahim Najar and Tony Karam (LF), one minister representing Qornet Shahwan, Elie Marouni (Phalange) and independent Catholic
 10:00 am Arabiya Television said the new cabinet could be declared at 3 pm Friday..

Live Coverage - July 21, 2008

Live Coverage   Muallem in Lebanon
2:50pm Muallem called Samir Qantar and congratulated him for his release. He also invited him to visit Syria.
2:00pm FM Fawzi Salloukh threw a banquet in Muallem’s honor and the two leaders exchanged points of view.
1:45pm A ministerial committee meeting is underway and ministerial sources said it will meet for the 5th time Monday afternoon to discuss the government policy statement.
13:20pm SOLIDE director Ghazi Aad presented a petition to Suleiman urging a speedy solution to the issue of Lebanese detainees in Syrian jails.
12:35pm We have sisterly relations with Lebanon and we won’t allow any third party to interfere in our affairs. We will reach a solution on the issue of exchange of embassies, Muallem said.
12:32pm Muallem: We hope to see a positive change in U.S. policy toward the region.
12:30pm Lebanon’s negotiation with Israel and the defense strategy are internal matters, Muallem said.
12:29pm The Syrian FM: We are determined to open an embassy in Lebanon and exchange diplomatic relations with it.
12:28pm Muallem: Nothing prevents the Lebanese from demarcating the Lebanese-Syrian border.
12:25pm Syria didn’t ask Hizbullah to liberate the Golan. They are a resistance in the defense of Lebanon and its people.
12:22pm No one can impose anything on Lebanon if it was united, Muallem said.
12:20pm Muallem: The Lebanese and Syrian governments will have to exchange visits to work for the interest of their people.

 12:17pm Muallem: The Syrian and Lebanese governments want to reach agreement on the issue of the Lebanese Syrian Higher Council.
 12:16pm Muallem: Suleiman will visit Syria as soon as possible and contacts between the two sides will help set a date for the visit.
 12:14pm Muallem holds a press conference.
 12:10pm Muallem-Suleiman meeting ends.
 11:50am Future TV: Lebanese troops clashed with families of Lebanese detainees held in Syrian jails outside the presidential palace for insisting on entering Baabda to meet with President Michel Suleiman.
 11:45am A three-member delegation headed to Baabda to hand over a petition from families of Lebanese detainees in Syrian jails, urging Suleiman to solve their issue.
 11:15am Voice of Lebanon: Families of Lebanese detainees in Syrian jails attempted Families of Lebanese detainees in Syrian jails attempted to approach Muallem’s convoy but were stopped by army troops.
 11:12am Muallem arrived at Baabda Palace to deliver an invitation to Suleiman from his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad to visit Damascus.
 10:50am Syrian FM Muallem arrived in Beirut and will head to Baabda to meet President Suleiman.
 9:00am Families of Lebanese detainees in Syrian jails will march from Hazmieh to Baabda Palace at 11 am to hand Suleiman a memorandum demanding an end to the prisoners’ issue.
 8:15am MP Mustafa Alloush to VDL: Syria should control its border, stop its aggression, settle the issue of Lebanese detainees in Syrian jails and cooperate with the international tribunal.



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