Hizbollah Ready For Another Rocket War
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Wednesday, 09 July 2008

Graphic from 2006 War, nytimes
Graphic from 2006 War, nytimes

With Hizbollah installing thousands of rockets along its northern border, and some longer range rockets further away in central Lebanon, Israel is developing tactics it hopes will minimize the damage if there's another war like the one in 2006. Back then, the Israeli Air Force thought it could shut down the Hizbollah rockets from the air. But Hizbollah managed to launch 4,200 rockers, while the Israeli Air Force, despite flying 11,870 sorties, only found and destroyed 126 launchers.

So the next time around Israel is prepared to use anti-missile missiles against some 300 long range missiles (supplied by Iran via Syria). In 2006, Hizbollah fired some 200 long range missiles. Next time, Israel expects about 5,000 short range (6-20 kilometers) missiles, and will take those out with ground forces, using new equipment and tactics.

The UN peacekeepers now patrolling the Israeli border in southern Lebanon are not stopping Hizbollah from installing these 5,000 missiles. Hizbollah has intimidated the peacekeepers, who simply pretend then don't see the Hizbollah preparations. Otherwise, Hizbollah has made it clear that it will go to war with the Peacekeepers. So, in order to keep the peace, the Peacekeepers just pretend to do their job.


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