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Monday, 09 August 2004

Live Coverage - March 14, 2008
Live Coverage   March 14 Conference
5:45 Phalenge Party official Michel Mkattaf delivers a speech and declares the conclusion of the first "Beirut Spring 2008" conference.
5:41 Abi Lamaa calls for holding a conference that facilitates the participation of the Lebanese immigrants in building the future of their home country
5:40 Eddie Abi Lamaa delivers a speech on behalf of the Lebanese Forces
5:35 Al-Ashkar calls for a youth conference that tackles the importance of the participation of Lebanese youth's in public service
5:25 Rayan al-Ashkar delivers a speech on behalf of the Social Progressive Party adressing the concerns of the Lebanese youth
5:16 Work shops discussing Taef agreement, activating the constitutional institutions, International tribunal, national reconciliation, fair economic development, Lebanese-Syrian relations, Lebanese-israeli conflict are initiated
5:14 Soueid said we extend our hand and reiterate our call on all factions to overcome the disagreements and participate in molding our common destiny
5:08 During the past three years Lebanon suffered from attempts to re-impose the Syrian and hegemony on it, Soueid said
5:04 Soueid said March 14 Alliance is ready to open a new page with the Syrian regime if Damascus acknowledges the full sovereignty of Lebanon
4:57 Lebanon should not have two armies which take orders from two authorities: the Lebanese state and a foreign country, Soueid added
 4:55 Securuty is the duty of the Lebanese state only, Soueid said
 4:54 Internal unity safeguards and consolidates our independance, Soueid pointed out.
 4:50 Lebanon is divided between the culture of violence and the culture of peace, Soueid said.
 4:49 Lebanon, through out  its modern history, never witnessed the acute divisions we live today, Soueid warned
 4:44 Soueid said Lebanon is facing a turning point in its history
 4:41 Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir and the Maronite bishops launched the indepndence revolution, Soueid said
 4:40 Ex- MP Faris Soueid reads the "Beirut Spring 2008" conference's statement.
 4:30 Al-Jisr said March 14 Alliance adhere to the Arab initiative and stress the need to elect a president as soon as possible.
 4:28 Blocking the election of Gen Suleiman president is tantamount to destroying the state, he said
 4:26 Presidential elections is not a luxury but a necessity, he stressed
 4:25 International Tribunal is a top priority , al-Jisr added
 4:23 Occupying the public squares in Beirut is an agression on the people's rights to express their opinion, he said
 4:22 Freedom of expression doesn't prevent others from practicing the same right, MP al-Jisr said
 4:18 International and regional conditions blocked the full implementation of the Taef agreement , he added.
 4:15  Al-Jisr said March 14 succeeded in safe-guarding the government and won the trust of the Lebanese people who participated in Feb 14 rally
 4:13 We fell short of salvaging the republic by electing a president , al-Jisr added
 4:06 MP Samir al-Jisr  said "we are determined on preserving Lebanon's independence and sovereignty.
 4:00 March 14 Conference begins.

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