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Monday, 09 August 2004

Live Coverage - Feb. 28, 2008
Live Coverage   President Amin Gemayel's Press Conference
1:30 pm Gemayel considers veto demands by the opposition are a coup against the government.
1:25 pm Phalange party leader: The opposition’s aim is to have veto power because it wants to impair the Lebanese system.
1:24 pm Gemayel: We are committed to the election of Army chief Gen. Michel Suleiman president
1:18 pm Gemayel: Aoun insists on returning to the 1960 law which we think could not be implemented these days
1:15 pm Gemayel: We are with a fair electoral law that best fits the country.
1:10 pm Gemayel: On the issue of the displaced, we have insisted that the issue be a top priority in the next government and we have asked Arab help in this respect.
1:05 pm Gemayel: I hope the correct minutes of the (quartet) meetings will be published because information leaked is utterly false.
1:00 pm Gemayel: The opposition wants to waste time and each time we agree on a demand it sets a new one.
Live Coverage - Feb. 27, 2008
Live Coverage   MP George Edwan Interview
10:51 Edwan interview ended
10:50 March 14 Alliance wants to reach a settlement but not on the expense of Taef constitution and building the state institutions, Edwan concluded
10:47 There is no sign that a president would be elected soon , Edwan said
10:45 Edwan said that no one can influence the International Tribunal
* 10:35 Lebanese citizen Suleiman Ahmed Suleiman was injured when a bomb exploded near al-Shhabiye mosque, east Tyre, Future TV reported.
10:32 Edwan said that 1960 elections Law doen't secure fair parliamentary representation of the Christians
10:30 We support an election law that insures fair representation in the parliament for Muslims and Christians, Edwan added
10:25 At least half the Christian MPs in the parliament wiould not be elected by Christians anymore if the 1960 election law is adopted, Edwan said
10:06 We must not miss any opportunity to elect a president, Edwan said
10:02 As long as there is hope for reaching a settlement we will not elect a president by simple majority , Edwan stressed

 10:02 As long as there is hope for reaching a settlement we will not elect a president by simple majority , Edwan stressed
 9:56 Resorting to violence will not yield fruitful results, Edwan added
 9:50 Syria must accept sovereign Lebanon in return for good relations with Arabs and Lebanese, Edwan said
 9:45 Resorting to al-Taef agreement is the only solution to the ongoing political impasse, Edwan ponted out
 9:38 Edwan warned against electing a president after reaching an agreement on the oppositions' "basket"of demands because it would set a dangerous precedent in the Lebanese history
 9:30 Edwan expressed his hope that the judiciary would yield convictions in Chiah riots' case as soon as possible
 9:28 We want best relations with Syria provided that it recognizes Lebanon as an  independent state, Edwan added
 9:27 Edwan said that Speaker Berri nominated Army Commander Gen. Michel Suleiman for president during his discussions with MP Saad Hariri
 9:20 Edwan added that only the presence of a strong state in Lebanon can lead us to victory  against Israel
 9:18 No faction in Lebanon is capable of determining solely the destiny of the Lebanese, Edwan said
 9:14 The current crisis has reflections that go past the Lebanese situation, Edwan added
 9:09 Edwan sait that dialogue among the Lebanese is the only way  to reach a solution
 9:08 Communications with FPM has never stopped despite disagreements, Edwan stressed
 9:00 MP George Edwan's Interview aired.

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