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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Mar 03rd
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Op-Ed: Nasrallah's Provacative Speech and Reality PDF Print E-mail
Written by LS   
Wednesday, 14 November 2007


In his fiery speech yesterday, Nassrallah proved to the world that he is an outlaw and an adamant supporter of dictatorship.

An outlaw, since he refuses to give in his arms, even though the Lebanese Government has asked for his compliance with resolution 1559.

And a dictator? yes, it seems he is fond of the one man show leadership and apparently he is aspiring to become the president of Lebanon, since he is always so keen to bring up the issue of early elections and the rule of majority.
Is it so hard for him to understand that a dictator will never rule Lebanon? And no, we are not interested in a mini Iran? and no, we will not allow him to threaten the remainder of Lebanese who do not support his ideology? and no he is not always right and we are wrong and that we have a say in the country as well?
Intimidation, maybe works in Iran and Syrian, but we can assure him, that it does not work in Lebanon. And if, he is a genuine Lebanese he is ought to know that.
It is interesting how he has the audacity to threaten a legitimate government elected by the Lebanese and instead impose on us his policies. If, we dare not abide with it, he starts throwing accusations left and right. I wonder how helpful is he to Lebanon, when he steals phone networks, declares war on Israel and constantly defies the government and the international community, and worse imposes on us his policies and makes it clear to us, that we either follow his way or it is the high way.
Regardless of the presidential outcome, Nassrallah ought to understand that as long as there are people who praise freedom and peace, we will not allow him to breed terrorism and turn Lebanon into another Taliban or Iraq.


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