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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Mar 02nd
Home arrow News Content arrow Blog arrow Blog Items arrow Intelligence arrow Text: Veiled threats from Syria regarding Lebanese leadership in Syrian letter to UN
Text: Veiled threats from Syria regarding Lebanese leadership in Syrian letter to UN PDF Print E-mail
Written by SANA   
Saturday, 20 October 2007


 "such behaviors... lacking moral and political ethics leaving no room for serious dialogue between the two countries"

From Syrian Government News Release:

Syria Hopes that the Lebanese Will Be Able to Find Conciliatory Solution
that Satisfies All the Lebanese
Friday, October 19, 2007 - 01:50 PM

Damascus,(SANA - Syrian news agency)-

A Syrian official source said yesterday that Syria sent a letter to UN.
Secretary General in which she reiterated her full respect of Lebanon's
sovereignty and independence.

The source said that the letter stressed that Lebanon will hold in the next
few weeks the presidential elections , and should agree on how the country
will be run , in addition to finding solutions to numerous other problems .

The letter added that Syria stressed the necessity for non interference in
the Lebanese internal affairs, hoping that the Lebanese will be able through
dialogue to reach common denominators that will ensure coexistence for all .

The letter indicated that what concerns Syria most is Lebanon's suffering
from high tension threatening its very presence and future , pointing out
to the interference of a well known super power

that deepens further the problems that are dangerously threatening Lebanon's
security and stability , by taking sides with some parties and blaming Syria
whenever it fails to impose its suspected approaches on Lebanon.

The letter added that Syria which was looking for best relations with
Lebanon , expressed readiness to extend support to the Lebanese brothers ,
noticing with regret that there are some Lebanese figures with well-known
foreign support are taking radical positions that do not serve establishing
good relations between the two countries . and they recently visited the
United Nations to distort Syria's image and to provoke the UN. Security
Council against her.

The letter described such behaviors as lacking moral and political ethics
leaving no room for serious dialogue between the two countries.

High government officials and leaders of some militias who took part in the
blood shedding of the Lebanese people during the civil war have been taking
part in such campaign against Syria , pointing out to the Lebanese prime
minister's letter to the United Nations secretary general on Oct. 2007 which
was full of all forms of lies and delusion, the letter stressed.

The letter indicated that Syria has stayed above such allegations and
provocative campaigns and has remained standing by Lebanon in the face of
the major challenges storming Lebanon and the region.

The letter added that Syria sacrificed 13 thousand of her soldiers to put
out the fires started by the Lebanese war lords to preserve the Lebanese
unity and stability.

The letter said that the Lebanese prime minister had accused Syria of
supporting Fatah alIslam Organization in a desperate attempt to cover
Lebanese parties which are represented in the government.

The letter added that the Lebanese prime minister knew very well the general
support extended by Syria to the Lebanese army during its fight with Fatah
alIslam and how Syria closed its borders in the framework of that support.

The letter reiterated that Syria implemented all that is connected with her
as far as Resolution 1559 by withdrawing all troops and security personnel
from Lebanon .

The letter reiterated the necessity for the Representative of UN. Secretary
General Terry Rod Larsen's reports to UN. Security Council to be objective
and credible without taking sides with any Lebanese party against the other,
and should be clear from any fabricated accusations against Syria.

The letter stressed that the Israeli violations which are carried out on
daily basis of Resolution 1701, has proven that Israel is the one that
doesn't respect UN. resolutions.

The Israeli aggression on Lebanon last year was not launched out of the
Israeli care for sovereignty and independence of Lebanon , and it is
regretting that the Security council did not react to that aggression nor to
the failed Israeli raid on Syria in Sept.2007.



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