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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Jul 02nd
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Phares on France 24: "Bush and Sarkozy are identifying the threat coming from Iran" PDF Print E-mail
Written by France 24   
Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Walid Phares
Walid Phares

In an interview on France 24 (Arabic channel) FDD Senior Fellow Walid Phares analyzed President Bush’s latest speech on the War on Terror in Iraq. Dr Phares, the author of the War of Ideas, said “the President clarified who is the strategic enemy in Iraq and the adversary of America and the rising democracies: One the one hand al Qaeda and its Salafist network worldwide, and on the other hand, the radical regime in Iran. Both are fighting a war against democracy in Iraq, both are a threat to the international community.” Commenting on the President’s expectations if an abrupt withdrawal takes place from Iraq, Phares said “it goes without doubt that Iran’s regime will immediately use its allies inside Iraq to seize the control of two third of the country and control the natural resources of Iraq. On the other hand, one has to project that al Qaeda will seize the control of the Sunni triangle. In short, the two Terror powers will dominate a central part of the region and would wage a relentless campaign against moderates and eventually reach Western and American mainland.” 

Phares added that “more than ever, the enemy forces were strategically identified: Al Qaeda on the one hand and the Iranian regime on the other hand, with the Pasdaran and Hezbollah as the long arms of the regime.” What strikes me in this speech is that for the first time, the President has revealed that he gave instructions to commanders on the ground to take all measures necessary to contain and counter the actions by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and their allies. This means that Washington is determined to stop Ahmedinijad’s attempts to burst into Iraq via terrorism.”

Phares noted that in 48 hours the French and American Presidents have made strategic speeches about Iraq and Iran. “Sarkozy has heard the French voters this year, in the same way Bush is hearing Americans –from both Parties- calling on him to stop the Mullah regime from taking the region to more confrontations. Across the Atlantic, perception of the rising dangers is rising to higher levels. The Iranians and the Syrians should better understand the determination of the West not to see dictatorships threatening the development of young democracies, especially in Iraq.”

By Phares on TV Arabic, Aug 28, 2007, 16:39
Paris, August 28, 2007

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