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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Dec 03rd
Home arrow News Content arrow Press Release: The Lebanese army should develop a security plan to protect civil peace
Press Release: The Lebanese army should develop a security plan to protect civil peace PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 15 November 2021

The security deployment of the Iranian party's forces in Mount Lebanon and its repercussions, The Lebanese army should develop a security plan to protect civil peace...

Washington on November 15, 2021

After all that Iran's party has done in Lebanon from controlling the country's politics and dragging it to economic sanctions and organized impoverishment, and after it persisted in attacking friendly countries and pushing them into a political boycott, and after its leader threatened to use a hundred thousand fighters to discipline every arrogant of its occupation, it begins to implement an organized deployment towards The western chain, specifically the Oyoun Al-Siman area. From here, the World Council for the Cedar Revolution sees this step, which is considered to be a test of the pulse, like its predecessor in Tayouneh and Ain al-Remmaneh, as transgressing all limits and pushing matters towards confrontation, and from here emphasizing the following matters:

- Since the international resolution 1559 demands the disarmament of this party and other armed organizations on Lebanese soil, and since all the Lebanese militias have committed themselves to handing over their weapons since the Taif Agreement, what is required of the security forces, especially the Lebanese army, is to protect the citizens from the dangers of this party’s expansion, at least in their areas, otherwise they will be forced To search for ways to defend themselves with their own hands, pending the implementation of the international resolution and the handing over of this party's weapons in all Lebanese regions.

- The Lebanese army, which is the only legitimate force entrusted with the defense of citizens and the protection of civil peace and enjoys the support of the world for it, must develop a proactive practical plan to prevent armed clashes, otherwise self-security becomes one of the duties placed on the shoulders of citizens and thus this army loses its justification for its existence.

- The Iranian orders to subjugate the Lebanese and extend the authority of the Revolutionary Guards over them are not acceptable, and what is required of the army leadership is to expedite practical steps to prevent any penetration into the areas outside the authority of these militants under any excuse, but rather to anticipate any thought of such a penetration, even if it requires the establishment of fixed centers and action plans Exceptional and quick to prevent the occurrence of such acts.

- The officials in the state and the leadership of the aforementioned party should not lose sight of the fact that the implementation of international resolutions is a primary goal and Lebanon will not calm down or settle matters in it before their implementation. Therefore, the officials must prepare an action plan that will eventually lead to the implementation of these resolutions and the return of the state’s full sovereignty over its territory.

- The International Council of the Cedar Revolution, as it calls on the Lebanese citizens to ensure the security of their areas and not to allow anyone to exploit the security gaps to subjugate them, calls on the army not to fall back into the scheming of threats

The division and thus prevented him from performing his natural role, especially since the obligations that previously allowed to hide behind what was called the resistance at that time showed clearly their invalidity and that it was what dragged the country into the chaos and instability that it is experiencing today.

- The World Council for the Cedar Revolution, which called on the expatriates and friendly countries to support the Lebanese army in this delicate situation in Lebanon’s history, still believes in its ability to overcome the tribulations and pitfalls drawn by the country’s enemies and prevent the deterioration of matters by controlling the hotbeds of sabotage and prior work to prevent any transgressions such as those We heard about it at the end of the week, and there was no justification for the odd things.

The World Council for the Cedar Revolution promises the Lebanese to continue efforts and follow up matters to prevent any breakthroughs that lead to chaos or the enemies’ control of the country under the slogan of fear of sedition, a saying that only leads to ruin. Its leadership seeks to fulfill the role expected of it.

The International Cedar Revolution Council
Joe Baini, President of the World Council for the Cedar Revolution

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