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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Nov 29th
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WCCR Press Release: WCCR Support Hariri Resignation PDF Print E-mail
Written by WCCR   
Saturday, 04 November 2017


WCCR supports the bold step of the resignation of Prime Minister Hariri and the issue with Iran and Hezbollah, the Lebanese people and the expatriate are present for the Second Cedar Revolution.

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We support the bold step in the resignation of Prime Minister Hariri and the confrontation with Iran
Hezbollah, the Lebanese people and the expatriate are present for the Second Rice Revolution.

Washington, November 5, 2017

After the serious and arrogant rhetoric that was issued by a number of Iranian officials, especially President Ruhani himself recently, in which he said explicitly that the decision of Lebanon in the hands of Iran, and after the multiple visits of Iranian officials and their statements, which are in the same direction is infringement of the sovereignty of the Lebanese state and its free decision, Was waiting for the Lebanese Prime Minister, Mr. Saad Hariri, to take a bold stand, and he did, by resigning today to reject submission and humiliation. This attitude must be commended.
 Here the World Council of the Cedar Revolution declares:

1 - Full support for the step of the Lebanese Prime Minister to resign as long as the control of Iran's militias and weapons on the Lebanese arena and is working to drag the country towards the absolute subordination of the regime to declare its ability to occupation by force and impose its decisions on countries that were considered independent and even the pillars of the Middle East.

2 - This resignation expresses the opinion of most of the free Lebanese who do not fear the weapons of Iran represented by Hezbollah and do not like the occupation from any direction came and they do not want to antagonize anyone but they do not accept to be exercised by hegemony by force and impose a view of terrorism. We recall that the Cedar Revolution, which was against the Syrian occupation and its tails, was not prevented by the Huberat.
3. The Lebanese communities in the world appreciate this position of the Prime Minister and regard it as an honorable position for the Lebanese people, which does not agree to be led neither by money nor by terrorism, and that their dignity, freedom and independence are a red line that can not be overcome or underestimated. Hence, the World Council of the Cedars Revolution goes to all the Lebanese communities in the world to act in order to support the free Lebanese position and demand the lifting of the hand of Iran and the withdrawal of its occupying army, which threatens terrorism and killing all those who oppose its domination.

4. The World Council of the Cedars Revolution supports the positions of the Arab alliance, led by countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United States in confronting Iran's expansionist offensive in the region. It calls upon it to contribute to Lebanon's survival of freedom.
5. At the same time, the Lebanese people look to the United States, headed by President Trump and Congress, for their democratic and Republican parties to thank them for continuing to support Lebanon and demanding further steps to rid it of the time of the armed militias and the role of the subordinate and to restore sovereignty over the decision, independence and freedom.

6. The World Council of the Cedars Revolution is once again turning to the United Nations, which was the first to put its finger on the wound and describe the solution to the survival of Lebanon and its restoration of sovereignty and independence under international resolution 1559, which demanded the handover of all weapons from Hezbollah to the Palestinian camps and other outposts and security boxes that go beyond legitimacy And remains the only and least harmful solution to the continued free existence of the Lebanese people and the return of stability and security to the region, and stresses the serious work to implement this resolution and lift hands on Lebanon.

7. The World Cedar Revolution Council also calls upon the Lebanese people wherever they are to be vigilant and not to abandon terrorism. The country once again controls the country by means of empty trickery and intimidation on the one hand, because Lebanon is fighting and wiping the dust out of the political and military traders. In this East of nationalism, cooperation and defense of freedom.

WCCR President: Joe Baini


pdf here  http://bit.ly/2zfuR2U

Last Updated ( Saturday, 04 November 2017 )
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