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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Nov 27th
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Myth of federation... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Walid Phares   
Sunday, 05 July 2015


The Christians of Lebanon, or their politicians , had a historic opportunity to negotiate a federal regime as an ending to the war before 1990. 

It was spoken about by intellectuals, sometimes alluded to by leaders, but never been implemented per se during the 15 years of war. There were endless opportunities to build the institutions of such federal system but every attempt was eliminated by the politicians themselves, not civil society. Ironically, the ...Taif agreement was an ending to the concept of a federal regime in Lebanon. The Christians of Lebanon were compelled to let go of the claim, as a condition to end the war, not the other way around. Talking about federation today, a quarter of a century later, or claiming it was about to happen during the years of the conflict, is all but myths. There is no federation under Taif, none under Hezbollah, and less likely under this political establishment. Things happen in Lebanon only when the people explodes, despite the will of politicians, not as a result of the latter's efforts...

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In Memory

Rafik Hariri
Rafik HaririIn Memory of Rafik Hariri, he rebuilt Beirut, at the time of his brutal Assassination Lebanon witnessed the birth of the Cedars Revolution
Gebran Tueni
Gebran TueniIn Memory of Gebran Tueni One of the most Prominent founders of the Cedars Revolution
Sheikh Pierre Gemayel
Sheikh Pierre GemayelIn Memory of Sheikh Pierre Gemayel Another Prominent founder of the Cedars Revolution
George Hawi
George HawiIn Memory of George Hawi another Anti-Syrian who supported the formation of the Cedars Revolution