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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Dec 16th
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Report: Hezbollah Propagandist has worked for the CIA PDF Print E-mail
Written by CRNews   
Monday, 30 December 2013


Report: Hezbollah Propagandist has worked for the CIA and used it as cover to attack US experts, and human rights activists

Mideast Observer published a report on As'ad Abukhalil, the blogger described as "Hezbollah Propagandist" in 2011 by a report published in Family Security site.

According to the report, As'ad Abukhalil who has attacked all the foes of Hezbollah, Assad regime and Iran's Ayatollahs for the last few years, writes for Iranian funded al Akhbar, and resides in California. The report says Abukhalil, who is described as the 'California ablah' (California idiot) has worked as a clerk in the CIA in Virginia before he moves to California. The report argues that he may have used this clerk job as a cover up to forge himself a legitimate identity.

A source in Washington said AbuKhalil waged a sharp attack against advisors to Presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the fall of 2011 on behalf of the Iranian intelligence in retaliation to an article by Romney in the Wall Street Journal and to tarnish Romney who has committed to back the Iranian opposition, remove Assad, and disarm Hezbollah. John Hajjar, the US director of the World Council for the Cedars Revolution has accused As'ad Abukhalil of being the top Hezbollah propagandist in America, particularly that he has admitted to meeting with Hasan Nasrallah, who is on US terror lists. In October 2011 Asa'd Abukhalil led a smear campaign against Romney's senior national security and foreign policy advisor advisor Dr Walid Phares. At the time many pro-Iranian and Jihadist propagandists joined Abukhalil's campaign for weeks.
Another report accused Abukhalil of being a CIA agent.  https://now.mmedia.me/lb/en/commentaryanalysis/527814-angry-arab-or-cia-operative But other sources said the Hezbollah propagandist may have infiltrated the CIA to obtain a cover up during his residency in the US. However another source argued that if Abukhalil worked at the CIA, it means other Hezbollah sympathizers may have worked there as well. This could open a more critical file, if verified.


Last Updated ( Monday, 30 December 2013 )
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