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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Nov 27th
We are all Wissam al-Hasan PDF Print E-mail
Written by CRNews Washington D.C.   
Saturday, 20 October 2012


We the Lebanese in Lebanon and the Diaspora are the target of yesterday's assassination. We carry on with our daily lives, and go to bed night after night, and when it doesn't happen to us we think that we are protected by some infallibility. But, do not be mistaken, unless Lebanon comes to grip with basic rules of law - We All Could Be Next.

In 1777 George Washington - the Victorious Military Leader had just won the biggest conflict of the time - the war that defeated the British and freed the United States.

After his victory, in one of the most important decisions that was ever made in America, the General, George Washington, turned over his command to the Congress; this has never been done by a Victorious General ever before.

General George Washington recognized that No One can be above the Law, and he turned over his command to the Law of the Land, to be Under the Rule of Law.

When King George III heard of this possiblity, he said that if he does this, he will be the greatest man in the world.

Lebanon wake up - Lebanon can not live anymore with groups and people that take the law into their own hands, kill our brightest and best and then bypass justice.

This is the problem today. The Rule of Law in Lebanon must be enforced, and no one must be allowed to take it in thier own hands nor bypass justice.

No more Slogans of Wahdit al Wataniyeh - it is not Wahdit, it is te'nine - one that lives under the law and one that demands to live above the law - so, it is impossible to have Wahdit al Wataniyeh.

When asked about a similar situation Jesus replied - I did not come to Unite, but to Divide - Good from Evil. And this is Lebanon's calling today. 

No more excuses, no more deniability, no more spinning of stories and threats. We have had it, it's either this way or we all succumb.

No more Weapons outside the state, No more States with in a State, No more militia's outside the state, No more spinning every story and blaming the outside world for our problems - STOP. It's Enough.

If we cannot Live Under Our Own Law, then We are to Blame. It is that simple.

Lebanon started the Arab Spring with the Cedars Revolution when we were fed up and had enough after the brutal Assassination of PM Rafik Hariri, The Lebanese did not deliver a Single State, with a Single Army and a Single Justice System - by defeating the enemies that want to live above the State.

So, A new spring should come upon Lebanon and that spring should be led by all the youth - because it is your future. No more M8, and M14, they've failed us.

Unless this happens, we will all continue to be targets and we will all be living in fear.

- Editor CRNews, from Washington D.C.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 20 October 2012 )
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