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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Aug 12th
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Scholars and community leaders praise Romney's article on his Iran's platform PDF Print E-mail
Written by Washington D.C.   
Friday, 11 November 2011


Reacting to Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's article in the Wall Street Journal "I won't let Iran get nukes" (http://on.wsj.com/uz0TaN) a number of scholars and NGO leaders focused on the new bar raised by the Governor regarding a US alternative policy on Iran.

Romney wrote:

"I want peace. And if I am president, I will begin by imposing a new round of far tougher economic sanctions on Iran. I will do this together with the world if we can, unilaterally if we must. I will speak out forcefully on behalf of Iranian dissidents. I will back up American diplomacy with a very real and very credible military option. I will restore the regular presence of aircraft carrier groups in the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf region simultaneously. I will increase military assistance to Israel and coordination with all of our allies in the region. These actions will send an unequivocal signal to Iran that the United States, acting in concert with allies, will never permit Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. Only when the ayatollahs no longer have doubts about America's resolve will they abandon their nuclear ambitions."
Commenting on the article Dr Michael Ledeen, a scholar and expert on Iran said "Mitt Romney's article in the Wall Street Journal proposed engaging the Green Movement in Iran. This is most welcome;  no president--going back to Carter at the time of the overthrow of the shah--has supported the Iranian people against their evil regime.  There is every reason to believe that most Iranians support democratic revolution, and that they want to be part of the Western world.  This policy offers an alternative to the two unacceptable options most people talk about:  a fanatical Iranian regime with nukes, or, to avoid this nightmare, a military assault against them.

Dr Robert Rabil, Professor of Middle East Studies at Florida Atlantic University said The Wall Street Journal article "is indeed indicative of a new approach proposed by Governor Romney regarding Iran. The most important components of this approach are the maintaining of clear pressures on the Iranian regime through US deployments in the Gulf and the Mediterranean and probably more important is the call for reaching out to the democratic movement inside Iran, known as the Green Movement." Rabil who addressed the annual conference of the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa in Washington DC, said "the article has created a higher level of debate regarding containing Tehran. Romney's mentioning of the Green movement has inserted a new notion in the debate, that is to seek political change from within the country, not just via sanctions."
Manda Zand Ervin, the President of Alliance of Iranian Women said "Governor Mitt Romney's article in the Wall Street Journal on Iran suggested important new measures against the Iranian regime if he is elected. He called for working with the Green movement but I suggest a new step to be taken on engaging the real underground civil society movements by women, students and labor organizations inside Iran. I suggest that after 32 years, our engagement policies should now be directed towards the Iranian people who are young, pro America, want a democratic government and are looking to the United States for support."

Dr Essam Abdallah, a liberal Egyptian writer said Governor Romney's "new approach to the Iranian regime is consistent with American solidarity with freedom struggle in the Middle East unlike the Obama Administration's abandonment of liberals and seculars and its partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian Khomeinists." Abdallah, who writes for Arabic liberal publications said Romney's intention to engage the Green Movement shows a different attitude than the Obama non meddling in Iran when the masses were suppressed on the streets of Tehran.
On his part, Lebanese-American leader John Hajjar said Romney's article has raised the bar on US position on Iran's behavior. "Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's clear statements on how the US should confront the Iranian regime will be taking the debate into higher levels." Harb said such a new platform on how to deal with the Iranian regime will also have an impact on US policy regarding Hezbollah in Lebanon. Containing Iran means also containing Terror group Hezbollah."
Farid Ghadri, Syrian American reformer said "Governor Romney's article on Iran has a ripple effect on Syria's bloody regime. Dictator Assad receives strategic support from Tehran's regime. When Washington would start seriously to pressure the Ayatollah, Assad will feel the heat. A new stronger US policy on Iran, particularly a partnership with Iran's people against its regime is really a key effort to end the dictatorship in Damascus as well." 


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