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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Dec 03rd
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Syrian Citizens Chanting No Hezbollah No Iran - Lessons to the Cedars Revolution PDF Print E-mail
Written by Editor CRNews   
Saturday, 25 June 2011


In this video the Syrian Demonstrators are demanding a government who supports the will of the people through freedom and democracy. At 1 minutes and 40 seconds into the video the chants begin about No Hezbollah No Iran - The Syrian People are countering what they perceive as threats to their freedom and democracy.

Syrians demonstrators have spoken - are brave and they will over throw the Syrian regime and their supporter Iran because they have the courage and the will. Vs March 14th leaders who continuously tried to negotiate with those who they know threatened them.

The bottom line is this - You must have Principles, in Politics you put them into your Platform, and when you run in an election you are elected based upon the majority of the people approving of and expecting you to implement that Platform. And after the election you must do everything in your power to focus on achieving that platform. March 14 leadership definitely failed in this respect. They got confused on the basic principles of Democracy - Implementing the Platform.

If you start to play games with implementing that Platform that you ran on, then you start to lose the support and confidence of the people.

The Syrian People have shown the world how brave they are to keep going towards their own freedom and democracy in light of the assault upon them and the assassinations they are receiving day after day

The Cedars Revolution in Lebanon did similar showings early on, but when Assassinations, Intimidation Bombings and Threats were levied against them from the enemies of Lebanon, the March 14th Leadership failed to cross the line and follow through to see the will and the demands of the people achieved.

The reasons why are argued everyday - from a point of not wanting to take the country into Civil War to if we went into a Civil War would the Freedom and Democracy Countries of the World, i.e. the UN, the US, France - continue to follow through with their support?

The anti-Cedars revolution forces  in Lebanon were at that time receiving unlimited support from Syria and Iran, 50,000 missiles from Iran, Unlimited guns and ammo, $73,000,000 US Dollars a month were being trucked over from Syria to Hezbollah to be distributed to 35,000 key people in Lebanon, Reconstruction Money, Support, Backing and Commitments to follow through that the March 14 movement and the West did not counter.

It can be argued that the west gave Lebanon what it needed to counter these threats – Paris I/II/III, $1 Billion US Dollar program to rebuild Lebanon’s ISF and Army, Training, Commitments, even a promise to get involved militarily should it be needed, but March 14 Leadership did not known how to handle all of this nor did they put together a good enough strategy to counter the threats from Iran/Syria the Opposition that they got and continue to get today.

Now the Assassinations and the Intimidations have worked, the will of the leaders in Lebanon was broken, the leaders in Lebanon failed the majority of the Lebanese by not following through and now the Government of Lebanon is taking orders from Hezbollah. The Parliament is under intimidation and should have been braver to oppose the Hezbollah change.

The Majority of Lebanese in Lebanon and the Diaspora still oppose Hezbollah and the recent Hezbollah led rule, The Cedars Revolution is still in the hearts and minds of the majority of the Lebanese, but the negative ingredient in the Lebanese Recipe is that the March 14th leadership is either unwilling or unable to counter the threats of assassinations and intimidations from the enemies of Lebanon.

March 14 leadership can take a good lesson from the Syrian people today of what it takes to really achieve freedom and democracy - the Syrians are sacrificing it all - their personnel welfare, even day to day essentials for living, the economy, political stability, indeed the entire nation is falling from every sector by the people so that they can rebuild a country with true democracy and freedom that represents the will of the people.

Once Syria falls, and by the total lack of reality that its leadership shows day after day on the demands of the people and the fact that the people's fight is intensifying day after day - it will fall, the enemies of Lebanon's true freedom and democracy will have its ultimate challenge - no longer will $73,000,000 dollars be coming to Lebanon from Syria, no longer will Missiles and Guns and Ammo be sent from Iran through Syria to intimidate the Lebanese.

The Next Lebanese Cedars Revolution is at our footsteps, the rise of freedom and democracy is here, the fall of assassinations and intimidations is not done yet, the road ahead is chaotic, but those who represent the will of the people have tough and brave decisions to make - and the rest of the world needs to support democratic movements in these countries as much or more than the terror funders.

Editor, CRNews from Washington D.C.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 26 June 2011 )
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